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    Waiters ....this thread is for you

    @qwerty123 First post, starting the thread. Tell me again how people who have been offered an appointment aren't allowed to participate?
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    Does Summer Seminar really help your chances of being accepted?

    @Wishful - it looks like a new member resurrected a 7 year old thread. OP last responded in 2011... That makes me think the new member did some digging before asking the question. Thanks for the great advice to the resurrector (if that's a word), but the OP ought to now be a graduate if they...
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    How long does out-processing take? How to expedite?

    I'd edit my response if that would make you happy, but it doesn't really change my message. You're taking a shot at a kid that changed their mind, and assuming your kid was next up. USAFA counts on about 200 slots going unfilled over the course of 4 years, since they're limited by statute how...
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    How long does out-processing take? How to expedite?

    Nice backhanded shot at a kid making a difficult choice. There are numerous threads from those in the know addressing why this isn't the case. People change their minds. Even someone who was 100% certain USAFA was the ONLY place for them have discovered it may not have been what they...
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    Poll: USAFA Class of '22 BCT Squadron Assignments

    Aggressors (06:45) - refdad / DS Executioners (0920) - IronDadCO / DD Hellcats (11:00) - mrfritz44 / DD - WinstonWolfePF / Self - Billberna/ DS
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    Poll: USAFA Class of '22 BCT Squadron Assignments

    I believe Basic Cadets will receive their flight assignment at in-processing.
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    Squadron Assignments

    Hey, everyone. Please note this is LAST YEAR'S BCT squadron assignment list.
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    Report times

    Posted this morning.
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    Prep School to USAFA Appointments Timeline 2018?

    Those that were offered appointments were called to a briefing on Monday at 1630, following completion of TX. It was quite a combination of relief, excitement, and accomplishment for each C/C. Those that were not offered appointments had separate 1:1 conversations with leadership to break the...
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    Prep School to USAFA Appointments Timeline 2018?

    Last year, on the Thursday before TX, this video was taken of the C/C's receiving their appointments. It's going to be another month or so before they get official word, less than a week before graduation.
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    USAFA Prep School -- Day One?

    If your DS/DD is not a prior, there are information sessions at drop off, but most of the same info is presented on Friday of Parents' Weekend. Priors actually report 3 days early to take care of paperwork in advance of the direct entrants, and there's nothing for parents to do that day besides...
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    Active Shooter False Alarm at USAFA Last Night

    Long time lurker with a C/C at the prep school - I'm hearing it was, in fact, a Nerf Gun battle at the P, starting late into the evening (low light outside) that was reported (falsely) as an active shooter. Social media/instant communications picked up the ball and ran with it. The lockdown...