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    Eagle Scouts

    I am an Eagle Scout as well with a bronze palm. It's nice to see others in scouting!
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    Summer Seminar Importance

    When I was at my congressional nomination interview I was asked if I attended the summer seminar. I told them I applied but didn't get in. They told me it was only marketing as well. BTW all three were Naval Academy grads. I attended a CVW in September. During the opening presentation, they...
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    Portal vs BFE

    I live in California as well so that's most likely I guess.
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    Portal vs BFE

    Thanks, hopefully more people post what happened to them.
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    Portal vs BFE

    Typically which do you get first? A BFE in the mail or a portal update from USMA. Also how long is the time frame in between?
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    Lots of BFEs

    Maybe that's why the websites been down. :eek:
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    Qualified to BFE

    very likely
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    When I was visiting during my Candidate Visit Weekend everyone in my room had their own products such as Old Spice. They all buy the things from the mid store or get them in "care packages" from their family or loved ones.
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    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    Has anyone from California District 18 been appointed?
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    Summer Dilemma: Girls' State vs. Army Sports Camp

    I would go to girls state as it significantly boosts your WCS. If you get into the academy then you will have a chance to try out for the Women's Lacrosse team.
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    How to Boost your WCS

    Can you leave a link to the RAND article
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    Received my qualification letter today

    I got my triple Q letter and it didn't say any of the stuff about rolling admissions and the national waiting list. I was also wondering if it is acceptable to post some of it for informational purposes.
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    Being 3Q?

    I earned a 3-year AROTC scholarship and haven't accepted it yet. On the form it says you can't choose to attend another school including a service academy once you accept it so it's binding. Hopefully, I receive an appointment before the deadline for the scholarship so I don't have to worry...
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    Being 3Q?

    I wish you would have said that I think it's hilarious. Hopefully your son gets good news soon!
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    Being 3Q?

    Hope to see you there
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    Being 3Q?

    Sure! I am in California District 18
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    Being 3Q?

    I looked at the letter and was relieved, but I still have a few more steps. Hopefully, the odds are in my favor!
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    Being 3Q?

    I finished my application on January 23rd, the last thing I sent in was my push-ups test. For the past two weeks I have been updating my candidate profile with letters of rec and other things. I got notified in the official correspondence section of the candidate portal in the Home tab. The...
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    Being 3Q?

    thank you
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    Being 3Q?

    I just got notified that I was 3Q'd. But I don't know what the 3Q's are, could somebody help me, please?