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    CFA question from a junior

    Mom of a homeschooled Mid chiming in here. Look for additional sports options. Can you play a sport for your local public school? A private school? If neither of these are possibilities, do you have non-school leagues you can participate in (many areas have soccer and basketball leagues)? I'd...
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    What to do about NROTC spot after appointment to USNA?

    DS wrote letters to both NROTC and the university. I mailed the letters for him the day after I-day.
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    HomeSchool Sports

    Will your parents allow you to compete in local running events (5K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon)? While not a team sport, it would show athletic participation. If this is an option for you, I would recommend retaining records of your official times in these events.
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    To answer your homeschool question from our own experience, my son took half of his junior year...

    To answer your homeschool question from our own experience, my son took half of his junior year classes DE and all of his senior year classes DE. As for science we did 9th grade Bio, 10th grade Chem, 11th grade Physics, and 12th grade College Chem. My son did NOT enjoy chemistry, but it made...
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    Homeschooling and the USNA

    Unless I'm reading this wrong, you are applying for the class of 2026. If you graduated in December 2020 you have a lot of time to fill between now and when applications are due. Are you currently attending college, or doing something significant with your time? USNA will certainly want to see...
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    Counselor Letter for Homeschooled Applicants?

    Does your state mandate any kind of homeschool evaluation? In our case, our evaluator acted as the school counselor. Or do you have access to diploma programs in your state? They could also, potentially, fill the school counselor role.
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    More than 30 credits of Community College for application to USNA, or less for NROTC application?

    Here are the current requirements. If I'm reading correctly, the 30 credits are not an issue until you have graduated high school and attended college. I thought is was different when my son completed the application several years ago; but, of course, that is irrelevant now. Navy and Nurse...
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    More than 30 credits of Community College for application to USNA, or less for NROTC application?

    You can apply for an NROTC scholarship with more than 30 dual enrollment college credits. My son had 45 credits and received the NROTC scholarship. My guess (although you will need to confirm) is that NROTC will only allow you to transfer 30 credits.
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    Posting Politics Publicly

    My mid received this advice Plebe year and is completely off social media.
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    Homeschooled mids?

    Agree 100%. If you are not allowed to play for a public school, contact private schools and ask if they allow homeschoolers to participate in sports. Many are looking for a good athlete to add to their teams.
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    Luggage/grad gift for plebes-to-be

    My son and his mid-friends seem to use their seabags for everything. A gift of luggage would have been a waste of money for my mid.
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    Letter of Rec

    My now-youngster DS listened to a USNA Admissions presentation on CollegeWeekLive when he was in the application process. In the presentation they encouraged LORs if the recommendation presented new and compelling information about the applicant. DS followed up with his admissions counselor and...
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    A must see in my opinion is the Plebe noon meal formation in front of Bancroft.
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    Happy Anniversary, Youngsters!

    From the parent prospective, last year on this day: I knew where DS was, knew he probably wasn't having a ton of fun, knew when I'd hear from him again (phone call #1). Exactly one year later: no idea where he is, probably having a blast, no idea when I'll hear from him again. Agree, it was a...
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    Is innocent heart murmur a DQ?

    When DS had his DoDMERB exam, the physician detected a possible heart murmur. DoDMERB required specific tests be run by a cardiologist and submitted back. In my son's case, it was not a true heart murmur, and the report from the cardiologist was sufficient to have him cleared.
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    Mid store shopping before and on I Day

    Was in the Mid Store on Friday when I met my son at the end of Block 1 - it is WELL STOCKED!!!! Enjoy shopping, 2023 parents! I second the suggestion to bring an extra duffle bag - it's hard to resist all the fun stuff - especially anything that has 2023 on it! Enjoy!!!
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    Ask a MIDN

    Lest anyone think these are long showers...DS reported 10 minutes total for all Plebes in the room...and if you are in a 4-person room...I'll let you do the math.
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    Sponsor Family?

    Yes. There are instructions in the PTR packet. Both the plebe and the sponsor must request each other.
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    HERNDON - Class of 2022

    DS is way more stoked for Sea Trials than Herndon.
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    HERNDON - Class of 2022

    242 days since I-day! Can't wait to cheer them on at Herndon!