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    Is double majoring a possibility in the AFA?

    Astro and physics are two of the hardest majors here at USAFA with not that much overlap in terms of course material. Some majors are much easier to double in (aero/math is pretty common, CompSci/OR, etc). Astro/Physics is rare and would require overload waivers or a significant amount of...
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    Question for current USAFA cadets

    I don't believe there's any plan to move to Apple laptops in the near future because some mil software is only available on Windows and Macbooks don't have CAC readers. We all currently have HP Elitebooks (14") that are well spec'd for all but the most demanding workloads.
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    Soaring or Jumping

    Cadets who go on exchange to USAFA have the opportunity to take either soaring or jump during their semester here. Additionally, AFROTC cadets come through during the summer for our aviation programs. This past summer, I think we had around 15-20 for each soaring period and I believe jump had...
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    Job placement after graduation

    For ENJJPT this year, there were 35 slots and the top 175 pilot selects (5x the number of slots available) were allowed to apply based on their PCSM and OPA. The people who got it were all top 10% and high 80s-low 90s PCSMs. Training pipelines are improving a lot and at some bases are down to...
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    Soaring IP requirements

    I've helped with IP selections and what's been said above is generally true. However, some quick notes: 1. In the past few years, we've tended to be a little more stringent on GPA/MPA/PEA requirements. Reason why is we had some problems with some getting on a probation and that really hinders...
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    Soaring or Jumping

    As others have said, generally summertime is the best period to take soaring if he intends to apply for AM-461 (IP upgrade program). Generally, over the summer we'll get around 200 applications for roughly 50 spots. We also do a smaller round of accelerated spring hires in the spring; around...
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    Physical Appearance

    Check the AFi 36-2903 for the current USAF hair standards. To my knowledge, unlike for males, there are no exceptions to the AFI in USAFA's CS&D. I believe section 3.1.3 covers the female hair regs.
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    Doolie Grades

    It's been interesting to see the GPA distribution over the course of a few years at USAFA. Freshman year generally has the "easiest" core classes like calc, chem, behsci, and english and "harder' core classes usually come later. For some, these classes are essentially just review since they did...
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    Summer After Doolie Year

    Yes, taking Basic Soaring (AM-251) is a pre-requisite to apply for IP upgrade (AM-461). While most IP upgraders (~50-60) are selected from the three summer periods, a very select few (~7-10)are also picked up in an accelerated program after taking AM-251 in the Fall of their sophomore year.
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    Why did Drum and Bugle not go to the bowl game?

    My roommate is D&B and he said it was a funding issue unfortunately.
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    How to get into top tier grad programs like CMU and MIT?

    The average cumulative GPA in the past few years is right around 3.0 to 3.1. You can search for "USAFA Class of 20XX Graduation Fact Sheet" and see the yearly averages. The 3.85 GPA requirement mentioned above is for nationally competitive fellowships like Rhoades, Marshalls, etc. Beyond that...
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    Cadet Email address

    I generally recommend not using the school email for personal use. We get dozens of emails a day and generally, the IT department doesn't recommend messaging outside the organization ( for anything besides official duties.
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    Not getting pilot slot

    20/20 uncorrected is not a pre-requisite to medical qualification. Many cadets I know have significantly worse than 20/20 eyes and are still pilot qualified, as long as they can be corrected with glasses or be eligible for LASIK/PRK. I will say that he will probably not be eligible for PRK/LASIK...
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    PPL as a Doolie

    Yep, after BCT, there's a sort of club fair called Blue Rush and you can meet all the clubs there. To my knowledge (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) flying team is not directly affiliated with the aero club. You'll also have an airmanship briefing during freshman year that goes over...
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    PPL as a Doolie

    Flying team, WOB, and soaring are very time-consuming so you likely wouldn't have much time to fly with the aero club except possibly on weekends.
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    Social media protocol

    I think it stands for proximity card? It's the USAFA specific ID card to gain access to the cadet area, airfield, etc. While all AD service members have a CAC (common access card), only cadets, permanent party, and select others have proxy cards. Visually, CAC is green-ish and proxy is white...
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    Computer Science/Eng Majors

    Department of CompSci (CFCS) has three majors: computer science, cyberscience, and datascience. The nice part is it is relatively easy to double in two of them if you choose, or switch to another if you decide you prefer one over the other later on. I'd highly encourage reading the USAFA...
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    School breaks

    The same principles for booking travel are generally true for each break/leave period, but to less of an extent for Thanksgiving and Spring break. You are free to leave after your last military duty (LMD) but that is usually different for each cadet. You could get a late ticket in the evening...
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    No more CFA once you get an appointment! Train hard for the PFT and AFT if you can. Priority to surviving in BCT is really push-ups, pull-ups, and running so focus on those but try to run through the PFT sequence a few times and you'll have a big leg up during the academic year.
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    How easy is it to gain weight during BCT?

    I lost a significant amount of weight during BCT. Gaining 20 lbs would be unrealistic IMHO, but losing 20 lbs is not unheard of. I ate every meal and was on the protein drink program and the shear stress and physical activity was brutal. I'd suggest trying to get as close to your minimum weight...