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    How does the AROTC Book payment work for Scholarship?

    Thanks for all the info. It helps a lot.
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    How does the AROTC Book payment work for Scholarship?

    Do they just give you funds to buy books? or do you have to send in paperwork? What if your books cost more or less then the payment amount? Thanks.
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    3 Year Advaned Designee Scholarship the same as a Campus Based Scholarship ? ? ? ?

    My son did not get a Scholarship from the 3 National board meetings. He was offered this week and is taking a 3 Year Advanced Designee Scholarship he was just offered by the ROTC Program at the College he will be going to next year. He is so happy to be a part of the ROTC program at such a...
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    2nd Scholarship Board Results published (2/8/17)

    @MohawkArmyROTC It still has Boarded. Does that mean our Chances for the 2nd. board are finished now? Do they update the site all at the same time or are they still updating?
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    getting your Masters after a Service Academy or ROTC without adding to your Commitment ? ?

    I was reading some place that you can go for your Masters with out adding to your 5 year Commitment time? I'm just a curious dad and would love to hear how this works? Do they help fund your masters as well?