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    Beast Barracks

    Great question! My DS went in very mentally and physically prepared, yet was shocked at how difficult it all was, especially the first week. He said it was like drinking water from a fire-hydrant. The first three weeks were exhausting, isolating and boring due to how much the new cadets needed...
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    Rejection from West Point...

    I know the waiting is agonizing! But many schools don’t send their decisions until 4/1, and that’s when things will begin to solidify for the Academy and their offers. Work your Plan B, but do not give up hope yet, way too soon to feel discouraged!!! It all works out!!! Good luck to you.
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    Appointment Offer

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    What Programs/Extracurriculars Can I do to make my application stand out?

    Girls State! Talk ton your school counselor and let them know you want to be considered. Let them know to contact you for ANY leadership program that they hear of. If they do not know about Girls State, you can look up and contact your nearest American Legion Post and find out who to email (or...
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    Boys State - to be, or not to be?

    I don’t think “successful” participation (great phrase btw!) is recognized as being a true difference maker within this forum... Remind me why you don’t want him to attend Boys State...
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    Boys State - to be, or not to be?

    @ders_dad & @CrewDad...Wow!!! Man, your kids sound like amazing young men!!! The caliber of young people connected to this forum is incredibly impressive, but sometimes misleading of the total population of SA students. I think the overachievers find this forum, so it incorrectly feels like...
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    Beast Laundry Problems at USMA

    LOL, I know mine were cranking up!!!
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    Burger Wars, Round ??? Summer 2017

    My new obsession is HopDaddy Burgers. None in Ft Worth, but 3 in Dallas and many more in Texas, AZ, TN & one in Denver. They take 5 Guys to a whole new level. Their motto is "Hot Buns & Cold Beer". (And their shakes are amazing!!!) **I don't quite get the Whataburger obsession either, but I...
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    Summer Reading, Military Theme, 2017

    Spirit Mission by Ted Russ An MH-47G Chinook helicopter departs formation in the Iraqi night. The mission is unauthorized. The objective is reckless. But to save a friend, Sam Avery and his crew of Night Stalkers have prepared for one last flight. As they near their target, Sam reflects on his...
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    Garmin watch during CBT

    I know 2 of you!! It is hitting hard and fast now. I don't think I am nervous, but I am emotional.
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    AP Classes!!!

    Sos... take them (AP classes), or not, but rest assured that your competition is taking them. As well as leading some sort of club or organization, participating in varsity sports, working a part time job, while meeting her volunteer hours for NHS and fighting to remain in the top 10% of her...
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    Army/Navy game lodging 2017

    **wish I could edit! Should read "Plebes", not "Plebe's" in the above post
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    Army/Navy game lodging 2017

    Shock-n-awe has it it right. I called this week too. Plebe's have no ticket allocation this year for Army/Navy game and only with a $750 donation could I purchase tickets, which would be assigned based on my level of giving. It's for real.
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    Didn't get into SS... chances?

    You have probably missed out on Girl's State (here's a link to the states' schedules:, but you will see it referenced a lot on this forum. According to Wikipedia: "Boys State and Girls State are summer leadership and...
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    Low Quarter Socks

    Did you do this with your Plebe? I thought Cadet candidates could not receive packages during beast, only letters. I know my DS would not appreciate the extra attention if I stuffed socks in his envelope. Maybe I misunderstood?
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    Didn't get into SS... chances?

    So frustrating, right? I imagine you probably have been looking forward to this for years, and it just stings to be denied. Yup, been there, done that. It's obvious you have worked hard, your class rank, test scores and resume are awesome! It's always disconcerting when one's best efforts are...
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    Plan b college is angry

    Thank you for this post! I really appreciate it. And would you believe it is $900? I was going to call and ask for it back, but I was appreciative of their counter offer to defer his admission to Spring of 2018. Our HS counselor is very well acquainted with this school and she was in full...
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    Advice on having a backup plan

    Thank you everyone. My son had already disclosed he was accepted to this Plan B University. Right after I posted the above post, my DS informed me that he just received an email, today, reaffirming that in order to enroll, he had to attend orientation. If he were unable to attend orientation...
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    Advice on having a backup plan

    My son is busy preparing to join USMA's class of 2021. However, we also felt it prudent to make a deposit at another university in the unfortunate event he is injured at Beast and unable to continue at USMA. Just to clarify, in no way does he have cold feet, he is 110% committed and excited to...
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    Walk On

    Oh gosh, I abbreviated the word Assistant and it looks like I used a bad word! My apologies! My original post should read Assistant D coach, not, ***'t D coach!