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    World Series

    Sorry - but anything you may have read about baseball starting with the Yankees loss to Boston in the AL wild card game was obviously fake news.
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    Your Son/Daughter is Going Where?? Round 2

    My DD is a Navy SWO. The entire family has been supportive of her (we are not a military family), but recently her uncle decided women are in the military only due to political correctness. (He is not a veteran). To paraphrase Capt MJ: Human beings. Endlessly entertaining. But sometimes moronic.
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    AFROTC + LASIK/PRK ????????

    My son had PRK after Field Training with the permission of his AFROTC unit. He also had to have regular checks after the PRK, and it all had to be documented on forms supplied by his unit. As others have noted, the AF doesn't pay for PRK while you are in AFROTC (his surgery was funded by the...
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    "War Without End" NY Times Sunday magazine article

    The is from an article in the NY Times on Sept 2, 2018, about the departing US commander for Afghanistan (General Nicholson). I think the quote from Karl Eikenbery says it all. As the parent of two children on active duty (one was recently in Afghanistan), I'm very much in favor of a return to...
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    Twins going to 2 different academies

    My kids didn't go to the SAs, but my DD is a Navy SWO and my DS is a AF Pilot. There is nothing more enjoyable as a parent than wearing a Navy sweatshirt while visiting my son, or drinking coffee from an AF mug while seeing my daughter. (And there is nothing sadder when you realize how hard it...
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    Is CNN on a witch hunt?

    Part of the problem is that many people no longer "enjoy a good newspaper". There is a lot of in-depth reporting in papers like the Wall St. Journal and the NY Times, but most people no longer want to pay the $20-$30 per month subscription costs to get these papers. There are many free news...
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    Rejection from USNA 2022

    I know it's tough for the kids that receive the TWE. However, they still have options. I have two kids on active duty, and neither went to a service academy. Both went to large state schools. DD went through OCS and is now a SWO; DS went through AFROTC (without ever earning an AFROTC...
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    Anyone Watching the PBS Documentary on the Vietnam War?

    For a very interesting history to the build up of the war, read "Dereliction of Duty: Johnson, McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Lies that Led to Vietnam". It was written by General (then Major) H.R. McMaster, currently the National Security Advisor for President Trump.
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    Burger Wars, Round ??? Summer 2017

    There is always the Impossible Burger:
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    Burger Wars, Round ??? Summer 2017

    For those of you that ever get to the New Jersey, I'd recommend the "The Murder Burger" at the Shannon Rose (Irish Pub). From the menu: "THE MURDER BURGER As featured on Served on a brioche roll with American and pepper jack cheese, sautéed onions, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato...
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    Complete but Disqualified

    This is just the beginning of the process for your son, not the end. He clearly can re-apply next year, and work on the CFA over the next several months. But it is important not to dismiss AFROTC. If his dream is to be an Air Force pilot, than that should be his goal. Later in life, he may...
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    Trump removes JCS and DNI from National Security Council

    I have two children on active duty; horrified doesn't begin to capture how my wife an I feel this morning.
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    NYTimes article regarding sports, NAPS and prep schools

    The article talks about NAPS and the use of the Naval Academy Foundation scholarships to give athletes an extra year to prepare prior to entering the Naval Academy. The author then writes: "Let’s dwell on this for a second. Imagine if some Ohio State boosters paid to send recruited athletes to...
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    That time of year again...chancing!

    I wasn't going to post a "chance me" question, but now that Pima started the thread, I thought I would try. Please Chance me: 3.9 GPA Multiple technical degrees + graduate school Varsity Swimming No community service, but continuous work history Almost perfect SAT scores But here's my problem...
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    108 Billion Forgiven......

    I don't think 17 and 18 year olds have any concept of just how deeply they can get into debt with college loans, and how hard it can be to pay the loans back, depending upon their chosen careers. Sadly, their parents may not understand, either. However, the lenders and colleges certainly know...
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    AFROTC POC Cadet with Tech EA, changing to Non-TechMajor...Implications?

    My son was an Aerospace Engineering major while in AFROTC. He (and almost all the engineers in his entering cadet class) took 5 years to graduate, so it is possible to get the extra year. However, he already had his graduation date set before he signed his contract. Good luck to your son.
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    My DS never received an AFROTC scholarship, but he won a National Merit scholarship based on his PSAT score. It is definitely worth taking. He went through AFROTC at a large state school.
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    Advice for a Frustated Dad Please.

    Didn't your son also apply to the AFA? Maybe he is just returning to his original hope of joining the Air Force. While the USCG is probably a great career, it might not be for your son. My DS went to large state school for aerospace engineering and AFROTC. He had no desire to attend any SA...
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    Bad Eyesight... BUT I WANT TO FLY!!

    My son went through AFROTC, and he had the PRK surgery after Field Training. I had to pay for it, and of course there was no guarantee that he was even going to get a pilot slot. It all worked out for him, as he is now an AF pilot.
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    As a parent the waiting is tough

    He needs to decide if he really wants to be an Air Force officer. If he does, he can join AFROTC, with or without a scholarship. It sounds like from your post he already has a non-AFROTC scholarship - those can be more desirable, because if he decides the military is not for him, will still keep...