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    West Point NJ noms

    NJ05 usually sends out notification letters at the end of January. Therefore, you'll find out on or right after January 31st.
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    If your good enough to branch NSW it won't matter where you received your commission from. The academy does have a more rigorous screening process that better prepares midshipmen for seal training, but in terms of selection the academy will not be much better than NROTC. In other words, stay...
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    Afrotc pilot select c/o 2015 IFT/training date

    Post this question in the airwarriors forums. Someone there will probably be able to give you the information your looking for.
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    ROTC Scholarship possible? + other questions

    First of all, I would strongly recommend you take the ACT. My ACT scores were much higher than my SAT scores and surely helped me get an nrotc scholarship. Also, you should complete your rotc applications as early as possible. If you take the SAT and ACT in the fall after you submitted your...
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    NROTC tier one major scholarship question

    I wouldn't worry about it to much. The unit staff at the rotc unit will probably just file him as a chemical eng'g major hoping that he'll eventually get into that major. If he never gets in to that major, he'll just have an easier time in college and they'll submit a major change to chemistry.
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    changing majors

    Do not try and change your major before you even start school. A major change within tier one and two is no big deal, but you can't change majors until after your 45 day grace period at the beginning of your freshman year since mechy is tier 1 and civil is tier 2. Also, the classes a freshman...
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    New trend for NROTC?

    What you heard is correct jiller59. My CO told us in the fall that NSTC was planning on taking a significantly higher percentage of college programmers starting with next years scholarship boards. The reasoning behind it is to increase the percentage of freshman that complete the program...
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    Scholarship acceptance

    Just sit and wait. It's frustrating, but that's all you can do. If your son gets a scholarship he'll receive an email and his portal will update. A letter will then come by mail a couple weeks later.
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    Scholarship acceptance

    I just received the email saying I got the scholarship also and my portal still reads "no decision has been made." It'll definitely update sometime during the upcoming days, if not tomorrow.
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    Why is NROTC so strict?

    As an NROTC midshipman, everything we do is based on some form of tradition. The navy and marine corps both have a million rules and regs on how everything should be done and having a marine corps gunnery sergeant breathing down your neck all the time ensures that those rules and regs are...
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    Chances of receiving the NROTC scholarship

    I applied last year with similar stats to you and did not receive a scholarship. I had slightly higher test scores and 3 varsity sports,one of which I was a captain, along with nhs and a few school clubs, but the navy is really stressing academics above all else. With all of this in mind, I...
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    Navy Curriculum

    It depends what major you put on your application. If you put down that you were majoring in engineering on your application, that is what the navy is expecting you to major in. It is possible to switch majors once in rotc with CO approval, but they only let you switch to majors within tier...