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    ACTOR to NROTC??

    I will PM you my contact information.
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    ACTOR to NROTC??

    I acted my entire high school career and thus it hurt my athletic participation. I received a 4 year national ISR NROTC scholarship with a 1270, a four year AFROTC scholarship with a 1270, and an appointment to the merchant marine academy with a 1280. I remember walking in to talk to the LT CDR...
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    Be prepared to explain anything you put on your resume as many people will ask for you to go into depth about them.
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    USNA Admission forum New Jersey questions

    This will be my third forum up in Lincroft. It's a basic overview of academics, application process, and life after Annapolis followed by some question and answer services by some of the nomination offices and other officer program representatives. They show a couple of videos and at the end you...
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    I recieved my ISR scholarship in January. The interview for me was very simple compared to the initial interview. The LT CDR had a basic interview to confirm the basic review of me. It seemed like he knew right away that I was fit and was just making small talk. The petty officer answered my...
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    Re-Applying to USAFA

    I'm in NROTC, but I'm applying to the big 3 again. My "ALO" for USNA told me it is better to complete everything sooner regardless if we will not be looked at until the second semester. I'm being proactive by trying to complete my application prior to leaving so I can focus on getting a 4.0, but...
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    SAT Scores

    I'm guessing these were from the June test as I also took them. Depending on what test you took, a 730 might've only been 4 wrong. Try ordering the Q&AS and figuring a weak spot in your score to improve on. Khan Academy does a great job of this. I jumped 120 points just by using that site...
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    1st board

    A 1270 SAT score is not the best for such a competitive program. The math needs to be worked on more than the english, but improvement in both is necessary.
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    Rotc chances and things to help application

    Academics are more than 50% of the candidate score. Do not underestimate the significance of them as NROTC is becoming more competitive every year. Keep taking the ACTs and keep improving. Top 30% is a concern for me, but depending on your school it may be highly competitive. How are your PFT...
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    Reapplicant LOA

    I reached out to my BGO yesterday to introduce myself and begin the process with him. I sent him a resume and statistics from my 2021 file. After discussing an interview timeline for late June or early July, he said to finish my application as soon as possible. Can someone explain why? I...
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    What are my chances of getting into the USAFA?

    No one can give you a simple yes or no. It depends on too many variables, which is why they have admissions to work them out. You did not mention SATs so my recommendation is to start excelling there. Also, admissions wants to see experience in leadership roles so do not think the candidate who...
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    USNA policy on student loans

    What is the policy regarding loans taken out for college?
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    NROTC School Placement

    I was also assigned to BU before I transferred units! You can change your host unit by filling out a transfer request form. It should be in the email congratulating you on nrotc scholarship. If you can't find it, you can find it on their website. Get it done ASAP because the other unit may be...
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    Received the ROTC Scholarship - should son decline other scholarships?

    I'd accept nrotc. They will cover far more than the small scholarship and there are other scholarships out there if the committee deems it unnecessary to give ds the scholarship.
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    Class of 2021 USMMA Appointment Thread

    1.) Hopeful_99/Self/Jan. 11, 2017/Undecided/ME-02/Senatorial Nom, Senatorial Nom, Congressional Nom 2.) CAlady21/Self/Dec. 22, 2016/Undecided/CA/Congressional Nom 3.) Ag1999/Self/Feb. 01, 2017/Declined/AZ-02/Congressional Nom 4.) Sap2021/Self/Feb. 01,2017/Undecided/AZ-06/Senatorial Nom 5.)...
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    Advanced Classes

    I believe it will not be seen as a negative. They like seeing candidates excel in difficult classes, which you clearly are. They do take into consideration the classes you're taking because they want you to excel when you arrive so they want you to take courses that will benefit you for the...
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    Where is Everyone Taking Their ROTC Scholarship?!?!?! (Any Branch)

    Self 4 year NROTC ISR Rutgers University
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    How Competitive Am I?

    The academies take into account your class profile. When they see your rank, which is not the best, they will see that with your GPA, you come from a highly competitive graduating class. I wouldn't be too worried about that, but strive to push it towards the 4.0 as it is clearly within reach. I...
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    What to Work On For Reapplication

    I reached out to my admissions counselor recently, but I wanted more opinions to be safe. I recieved a nomination to all four service academies from just my congressman, totaling 4 nominations. My congressman does not use the principal nom system and allows the academy to decide. Consequently...
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    AP Computers or Physics?

    All of the academies are known for their engineering so I would choose physics as it will look better to admissions. If you truly love computer science, I would search online and teach yourself.