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    NROTC Marine Option Vision Requirements Eyes and Vision Disqualifications Below is a listing of those eye and vision disqualifications that are the most prevalent. This listing, while comprehensive, does not contain all possible disqualifications...
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    Marine Option NROTC Board Dates

    DS was awarded last year before thanksgiving.
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    NROTC and AROTC?

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    "Letter to Proceed" (NROTC)

    DS got it few days ago
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    Ask me any Questions about AROTC scholarships and applying.

    The most difficult part is waiting.
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    FY17 NROTC Marine Op 4 Year National Scholarship Selection Stats

    Do you mean the boy got into Yale and MIT with 1400 sat? so lucky
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    Army ROTC 3rd Scholarship Board Results

    oh no, he was also awarded a 4 year NROTC MO scholarship.
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    Army ROTC 3rd Scholarship Board Results

    DS was awarded the 3 year AROTC scholarship to the first choice but he will go NROTC MO ,his plan A.
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    Blended Retirement and AFROTC

    What is the contract date for the ROTC member with scholarship? First day of the freshman year?
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    Quantity of Marine Option Scholarships

    just 10? ??? How you know?
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    Where is Everyone Taking Their ROTC Scholarship?!?!?! (Any Branch)

    DS was accepted to Boston U with NROTC MO 4 year scholarship.
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    NROTC Marine Option...anyone?

    DS was awarded a 4 yrs MO scholarship before thanksgiving.
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    How many applicants are applying for the AROTC Scholarship?

    According to the clarksonarmy original thread. The number of "Boarded" applicant should less than the interviewee. (<3178) Can I say boarded applicant have more than 90% chance to get 3 or 4 years scholarship?
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    How many applicants are applying for the AROTC Scholarship?

    Almost 90% interviewee awarded scholarship?