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    APFT more than once??

    Thank you all for the information. A great help as usual!
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    APFT more than once??

    He already passed it in September. So he has to continue to pass it every time or he could possibly be in "remedial pt"? Thank you.
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    APFT more than once??

    DS passed his APFT on the first go round back in September and was officially contracted. They administered the test again today and he didn't pass the sit up portion.. Does this have any bearing on anything? While I understand he needs to be in shape and perform at top level all time, will...
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    Army ROTC Stipend pay dates

    Thank you very much!!
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    Army ROTC Stipend pay dates

    My DS got his and it was a strange amount too. He told me it added up; books, all of September and half of October. I was under the impression it was only paid once a month though.
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    APFT Dates

    Thanks for the info! I know we were told if he doesn't pass by Dec 15th-ish we're responsible for the semester payment.
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    APFT Dates

    Does anyone know if the dates for the APFT are the same nationwide or does each school do their own? I know it's within a couple of weeks of school starting. Thank you.
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    AROTC Interview Question

    DS did his interview with the ROO from his #1 school, which is also 30 minutes from home. I think knowing him personally really helped later on down the road. His scholarship was upgraded from 3 to 4 years based on this ROO's recommendation. Not sure if that would have happened if he...
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    High School Award Ceremony

    DS's ceremony was last night. His ROO came, stayed for the whole thing and waited to take pictures after. Great guy!
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    ROTC Roommate

    Thank you for the input!! I think the comment you made about making Non-Rotc friends is what is pushing him. He knows he will make ROTC friends thru the program and is just wanting to meet as many people as he can. As of now, he's searching for a nursing major to room with. He feels having...
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    We went from "Remedial Requested" to "Qualified" in 48 hours. Is that it??? Our last hurdle? Thank you!
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    ROTC Roommate

    Thanks everyone!! I think he's leaning towards another nursing major or just luck of the draw! He wants to make sure he has the opportunity to make friends with lots of different "groups".
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    3 Year Upgrade to 4 ?

    DS was awarded a 3 year on the second board and upgraded to a 4 year on the last board. His ROO told us he is allowed to upgrade 2 recipients per year and our DS was one.
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    ROTC Roommate

    My DS was awarded a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship to study nursing. We are all beyond excited.! He is weighing the options of rooming with someone in ROTC vs Nursing vs Anyone! Do you have any advice? Pros? Cons? I would think having someone in your room on your ROTC schedule would be...
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    AROTC 3rd Board - Hard to Wait

    You are correct. I couldn't log in to the portal earlier but thought their might have been a delay. We have resumed normal operations and are preparing for the next High School Selection Board. The Board will now convene on 1/29/2018 and is scheduled to adjourn on 2/2/2018. So it was just a...
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    AROTC 3rd Board - Hard to Wait

    Second board met 1/22-1/26 and our portal was not updated until the afternoon of 2/6.
  17. B | Applicant Approval Letter

    How long after award do you have to complete the survey & physical. Thank you.
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    NROTC Forms Witness

    Ours was signed at the local recruitment office also.. And the nuke program was also brought up!
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    ROTC Winner's Letter Arrival

    Thought it would be funny to share... My DS’s award letter came today also. However it came postage due so the post office is holding it!! Lol. Have to get it and pay my 20 cents!
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    AROTC Results??

    My DS did not receive a portal update email. He saw the change in the portal and received an email from his #1 school the next morning.