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    Drop NROTC Scholarship

    If one were to receive an NROTC scholarship, but after a year or two decided that the Navy was not the choice for them, what is the process for paying back the scholarship? Does the Navy charge you interest or do you just pay back the exact tuition? I'm just curious and have no interest in...
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    Are all NROTC programs created equal?

    I don't want to have to deal with real stringent regulations on hair/facial hair/general unkempt appearance as a student while in NROTC. Obviously, if I must, I will. I'm just wondering - are all programs stringent identically? I'm new to everything - just wondering if sometimes some are relaxed...
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    NROTC Tier 3

    Hi - I've received acceptance to a top tier university, one of Stanford/Harvard/Princeton, and am deferring admission for a year to travel - my family has never had the money to take us on vacation, so I wanted to spend the year seeing the world. I'm interested in doing NROTC, but I'm most...