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    To: Parents From: Current Cadet

    I'll be honest I did not write that. I just really resonated with it because I was in a similar predicament. The least I can do is share it and maybe it pertains to someone else's experience as well.
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    To: Parents From: Current Cadet

    Parents, I know for some of you this may be an already experienced process and for some that are new to the game, an exciting and wild one. Every child, has a different experience when applying to any of the service academies and a parents role can be significant. As someone who had some...
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    Interesting Read

    Hello everyone, I am not quite sure if this is the right place to post this but I thought I would share. I know a lot of people on this forum are worried, anxious and nervous, aspiring to be a cadet at the academy. I was in your shoes and can totally relate. I understand the anxiety that comes...
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    Importance of Summer Seminar

    I didn’t get into the SS, but I’m here, I remember how I was distraught when I thought it means I had no chance
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    Appointees Tour

    I tried signing up for an appointee tour but unfortunately I was put on a waitlist :(.
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    Portal update ?

    I was told by my congressional office also that the portal would update on the 15th.
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    65. Thelaman99/Self/No LOA/Appt. March 8, 2017/NY-16/Congressmen Eliot L. Engel Today, I was blessed enough to receive a phone call from my Congressmen's office telling me that I have received an appointment to USAFA. I am beyond speechless. I want to thank each and everyone of you on this...
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    Appointments Left?

    The portal is down, (Thunder music "dun dun dun") does that mean they may be putting out a large batch of notifications? :bounce:
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    Appointments Left?

    Thank you. I guess I'll be crossing my fingers until the end of march!
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    Appointments Left?

    Hello everyone, Sorry for bothering you. I have a quick question which I know has been answered although I just want to ask it again for clarification. So far, the class of 2021 appointment list seems to be big. Are there still plenty of appointments to go out this month or have they sent out...
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    Quick Question about "Date Reviewed"

    Does it bode badly that we have not been asked to send them?
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    Quick Question about "Date Reviewed"

    I haven't been asked to send them, how about you? However, I believe my school will send them regardless.
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    Quick Question about "Date Reviewed"

    Hello all, Quick question if you don't mind. My application was submitted in late September, but it says that my letters of recommendation "were reviewed" yesterday, I did not see this on my portal two days ago, just curious as to what this is indicative of? Is it them just moving stuff around...
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    Technical Difficulty in my Portal?

    Hello everyone, Sorry for bothering you. I just had a quick question about my portal. Under the congressional representative section, it has a MOC that is not the representative of my district? I'm just wondering if maybe the server is under maintenance/something is wrong? P.S. I have an image...
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    Applicant to candidate

    I have a feeling that he is a junior :), let's hope that he isn't a senior and hasn't taken a standardized test;).
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    I have not heard news from Gillibrand at all (since the interview), does this most likely indicate that I did not receive the nomination? Thanks.
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    Hi all quick question, I interviewed with both Gillibrand and Schumer's offices, do both offices inform you if you were not selected for a nomination? Thank you.
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    Gillibrand or Schumer Nominations

    I also received a phone call/email as well.
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    3Q Letter

    Just curious, and if someone wouldn't mind answering, does receiving a letter of encouragement mean you are 3Q? Thanks.
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    USAFA Preparatory School offer!