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    Award Presentation

    Yes they will do it. My son was not medically cleared at the time last year, waiver was pending. The presentation stole the show!! It’s worth pursuing. Congratulations.
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    We saw a spine specialist that was a WP grad and an army surgeon as well. He examined him and wrote a letter stating that he felt he was able to perform all tasks required for Army and his injury would not be an issue. We sent that to Dod. Process takes a long time and patience is needed. Exam...
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    My son never had surgery but did receive a waiver, 2017 for AROTC 4 yr scholarship winner
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    Army ROTC Scholarship BFE Question

    My DS hasn't received his in the mail yet and only a single page letter was uploaded to his profile.
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    Chances/advice to increase them

    Boys State. It's usually done between jr and sr year. It's a big add to your resume'
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    Gillibrand or Schumer Nominations

    DS received a nomination to USMA from Senator Schumer yesterday.
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    SLE 2017

    My DS did SLE last year. He didn't hear back from WP until March. He loved it! Good luck!
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    Second AROTC Selection Board

    How long before a candidate gets the results from the board?