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    PLC—Aviation and/or NROTC

    I'm currently a PLC candidate and I'm about to take my ASTB next week - I'd be glad to share what (potentially limited) info I have! As always, YMMV.
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    USNA Class of 2028 Waiting and Speculating

    I know it sucks, but for what it's worth, I had the exact same thing happen to me. Waitlisted for '26, TD for '27. I was hurt, angry, and bitter, and was sure that I would be more successful at USNA than some other people who did get appointed (not proud to admit it, but we're all human). But...
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    USNA Class of 2028 Waiting and Speculating

    I haven't posted here in a hot minute - my last post was probably right around this time last year during the big purge - but I just wanted to say that I have empathy for everyone who got the TWE today! I applied to USNA three times, and unfortunately ended up with the TWE every year (after...
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    PLC contracted vs board selected to attend OCS

    Sounds about right based on my experience with PLC so far - there's the qualifying for PLC, and then once you qualify and officially join (contract) you can compete to attend the summer OCS sessions. :)
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    Questions about Plan B (and Plan C)

    Has he looked into ODU's NROTC unit?
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    Looking for moms & dads of FEMALE ROTC cadets or cadets themselves (past, present, future)

    Former NROTC-MO MIDN here. I agree with the general consensus here; as long as she performs and puts in 100%, she will be treated with the same respect her male peers receive. One incident - although it hardly qualifies as that, since it was a passing comment and nothing more - I do remember is...
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    I hope he has a good experience with the ODU unit! I spent a year with them and I really enjoyed working with the Marine staff. (I think some of the officers and enlisted staff have left since I was there, though.) I have the utmost respect for the Marine AMOIs and I hope he doesn't let them...
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    I got a TWE. No email yet, but I'm sure one will follow shortly. I'm disappointed, but this means I can graduate in three semesters after attending OCS next summer. Best of luck y'all.
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    Don't be disappointed by the waitlist! It means USNA is interested in you and doesn't want to turn you down just yet. That's still a possibility, but so is an appointment! Hang in there!
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    Last year, TWEs showed up as 2026 - Turned Down. I imagine it will look the same this cycle, just with the according year.
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    It was noted earlier that admissions confirmed that there will still be appointments this week. Hang in there!
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    In a fit of USNA-fueled nerves, I thought I would relay my journey (thus far) with this process. I've mentioned some of this before in old posts, so apologies to anyone who has already heard me talk about this/related subjects, as well as the long post below! 2020-2021: Applied for USNA 2025...
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    Speaking from the perspective of a third time applicant, it's simply not worth overthinking the withdraw button. This process is stressful enough as it is and speculating that the removal of the button means people will not receive positive news is unnecessary additional stress, particularly for...
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    I believe it was 4/27 or so? I was turned down a few weeks after the big release.
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    Last year I was waitlisted on 4/11, so waitlist notifications will come out closer to the 4/15 deadline. Good luck to your candidate!
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    College Applicant with a Complex Situation (i.e. Scoliosis, glasses, bad grades)

    I would advise you to at least be open to NROTC and reach out to a local unit if possible to get a better understanding of the NROTC mission and experience. While it certainly has elements of the typical college experience, you will still get exposure to the Navy/Marine Corps as an NROTC...
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    I was waitlisted last year on 4/11, so a few days before the usual notification date. My portal changed from CPR to USNA 2026 - Waitlist. Unfortunately, I got the TWE a few weeks later, but that was my experience with how the portal reflected it. :)
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    Going "Rudy" on gaining admission to Annapolis

    Speaking as a reapplicant who participated in NROTC, I disagree with this statement. While there is no direct link between improved admissions chances and NROTC involvement (as none of us fully know the ins and outs of what USNA admissions is looking for) I would argue that NROTC affords...
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    Service Selecting Communities within Marine Corps via USNA

    From my understanding (and someone with more in-depth knowledge may correct me/add to this) all newly commissioned Marine offers attend The Basic School (TBS) in Quantico, VA. Everyone competes for their top-choice MOS while there, and whether or not they get it depends on their individual...
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    Applicant for Class of 28

    For college applicants, USNA requires a high school transcript and an official copy of your first semester transcript from your university. The USNA website has additional information about applying to enter from a civilian college.