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    CFA Improvement help

    Your basketball throw will improve with time as long as you keep practicing it consistently, maybe adjusting and messing with technique if necessary. The main things I see that you need to work on are your pullups and your pushups. Those also take time to increase, so start working on them now...
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    7 pullups is a decent number. I think the average is something like 9? Obviously you want to do your best and there's still room for improvement, but if you do well on your other events, you should be fine. And you have plenty of time; I took the CFA at SLE but retook it again 6 months later...
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    Waiver Request

    I think that the service academies initiate the waiver process by requesting a waiver from DODMERB and that candidates can't request waivers on their own. But if the DODMERB site says under waiver review, it sounds like to me that the academy(s) have already initiated a waiver request for him...
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    Testing anxiety

    If his confidence is really his only issue with these tests, one thing that may or may not help him is a trick called Power Posing. There's an interesting TED TALK by Amy Cuddy where she talks about its benefits (the talk itself is mostly about it in social contexts, but it's still applicable to...
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    USMA Class of 2027 Appointment List - Self-Updating

    # Username DS/DD/SELF LOA/No LOA APPT Date Status State Nom Source Direct/Non-Direct 1 saaplicant232 Self 7-Oct-22 Undecided Presidential Direct Appointment 2 ChatterMom2 DD LOA 28-Oct-22 Will Decline Presidential Direct Appointment 3 Morey8525 Self LOA 28-Oct-22 Will Accept OH...
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    Am I about to fail the CFA?

    One thing I would say is key to doing well on your CFA is having the time to grow. I spent a whole year working my tail off nearly every day before I took my actual CFA, and I needed it because I was really not doing good when I first started out. (for reference my first basketball throws in...
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    Doubts about attending a Service Academy over civilian school

    Hey man, I came across your post and it struck me so much that I wanted to make an account to give my two cents. I was appointed to USMA co2027 literally last week and was in the same exact boat as you; when I first started this journey last year, I was completely enamored with the idea of going...