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    What’s the plan if your son commissions and is required to take various shots and immunizations - is he going to refuse? Maybe a different career path is best for him if he puts himself above the mission….
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    In a tough situation

    So your son believes he is somehow above what others are required to do? My son is an active duty 2nd Lt. and was required to not only receive the COVID vaccine but numerous other shots as well..he did - no questions asked because that’s what it means to be a Officer and Leader..
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    UNG has been great

    UNG has been awesome for my son. Just commissioned active duty Armor - reports for BOLC at Ft. Benning in October. He loved the University and the Corps...Truth and Wisdom.
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    UNG Anyone?

    Great son is a junior in the Corps - 4 yr Army scholarship recipient - outstanding senior military college, recognized as the #1 ranked Army ROTC unit in the United States, Ranger Challenge team ranked #1 in 2018 among senior military colleges, 2 cadets in the top 5 Order of Merit in...
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    Upgrade to 4 year on 3rd AROTC Board?

    Yes - happened to my DS two years ago. Was notified via the portal.
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    UNG wins MacArthur Foundation Award

    COL Brent Cummings, Professor of Military Science at the University of North Georgia, is pleased to announce that the UNG Corps of Cadets is the recipient of the coveted MacArthur Foundation Award for the best ROTC Unit in the 1st Brigade, United States Army Cadet Command. The 1st Brigade is...
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    CIET packing list

    My DS is in 3rd Regiment Basic Camp - he graduates on Thursday. He had all of his gear in his ruck and green duffle bag. He also had a small carry on - It was tight but he made it work. He checked both bags on Delta - he showed them his orders so no baggage fee.
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    ROTC and Fraternities

    My DS is on a 4 yr AROTC scholarship and just finished his freshman year - joined a fraternity and rushed 2nd semester and was initiated last week. He is also in the honors program so he has a tough academic load. Said this semester was really difficult trying to balance classes, ROTC and being...
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    Room and Board Payment no longer an option?

    My son is a freshman at UNG on a 4 year scholarship. He received the same email - the scholarship will pay for either Tuition or Room and Board but the deferment for room and board will no longer occur. This semester room and board was deferred until he received payment from the Army...
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    3rd ROTC board scholarships

    The scenario described above did happen with my son. He was upgraded from a 3 year received in the 2nd board to 4 year shortly after the 3rd board results were released. He ended up at a SMC.
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    AROTC Basic Camp (CIET) 2017

    My son is in Alpha Company at UNG - 2nd semester on a 4 yr scholarship and is already contracted. He found out today he will be attending camp 5 June - 6 July.
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    University of North Georgia Experience

    My DS is a freshman in the Corps of Cadets at UNG. He is a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship receipent and in the honors program. UNG has been terrific. When he began researching military academies, ROTC options and traditional civilian universities he/we were not familiar with UNG or its Corps of...