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    Some do, but it is very hard to switch out of VMI after completing your rat year. Not on the school side, but personally. I wouldn't trade what I've learned and done here for anything, but wouldn't ever do it again. A lot of kids transfer out, but rarely to a SA. Once you've paid your dues...
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    Why does VMI have such a low "returning students precentage"

    To give you an idea, my class matriculated around 435 rats, and returned as sophomores with around 350. Why? Rat life is hard, and it's definitely not for everyone. During my hell week around 25 rats quit. Not only are you being treated like a lower form of life, you have no access to cell...
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    A Little Help

    They'll let you transfer out of VMI. But it's hard to leave your Brother Rats behind after everything you went through with them, to go somewhere else and do it again. One of my BR's transfered and says that physically USMA doesn't hold a candle to VMI.
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    A Little Help

    If you are afraid of VMI being too hard as a rat, go somewhere else.