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    What do I need to submit from the upload doc?

    Hello Service academy forum! I just had a quick question, my file has all green check marks not and was wondering what I need to submit for the upload doc so that my application is 100% thank you!! And also how long does it usually take for them to review your file?
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    How did I do on my CFA?

    Do you guys think I passed my CFA? Basketball Throw: 57 Feet Pull Ups: 11 Shuttle Run: 9.6 Seconds Sit Ups: 93 Push Ups: 75 Mile: 6:59 Also a side note, I know that my Basketball throw is kinda low compared to the averages and my shuttle run as well so I'm worried that I won't be physically...
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    Interesting Nomination

    Thank you that clarifies it a lot!
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    Interesting Nomination

    Thank you for the reply! So my MOC had two fully vacant spots and I got both or them? I'm not entirely sure what that means. Can you please explain further? Thank you again!
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    Interesting Nomination

    Just a quick question, my nominations has a duplicate and I couldn't find anything online that tells me what it means. Probably because it might be a glitch or something. Just wanted to ask if anyone else has encountered this before. Thank you!