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    Do MIDN use school issued laptops while home on leave?

    There is a network at USNA which your issued laptop automatically connects to and a separate network that you can connect your personal devices to. When you’re off the USNA network, it’s not difficult to access the USNA Intranet site and MIDS through a VPN. USNA uses gmail for communication, so...
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    Is there any chance of doing Ballet at USNA?

    There aren’t a ton of people who do ballet at USNA, but I am a current 2/c who drives to DC on the weekends to take adult classes at the Washington Ballet! There are also some local dance schools closer to the yard that could be easier to get to during plebe/youngster year.
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    Protramid per diem

    During PROTRAMID, you are *supposed* to be provided food every meal either through the base galley or they will give you MREs/packed up food. The main expenditure for me was when we would go out and enjoy the town in the evenings/weekends and not eat at the galley. Although it isn’t always...
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    If you have the skill set and ability to join the crew team, I wouldn’t discount it until you actually try it out here. There is a chance you will really enjoy it based on a different set of coaches/team culture, and make a lot of great friends. All three crew teams are known to have very high...
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    Plebe question

    It's tough because of course everyone wishes to receive an A, but since only a certain number of each grade is awarded, a B still means you are doing pretty darn well, especially as a plebe! Every company has a different system of ranking, but a big way to be ranked higher is to get to know all...
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    Best Printer?

    Wow, I wish we at USNA got the option to get a printer or not! We were all issued them, which was paid out of our own salaries. :( I used mine probably 4 times last year.
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    CFA video clarification

    When I took the CFA with my field force representative, they had me hold up a piece of paper with the candidate number provided by USMA in one hand, and my driver's license in the other hand.
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    Sponsor Families

    It’s great to have a sponsor really close to the yard as well as close family friends or relatives a little further away. During short liberty weekends (1200-2359 on Saturdays), further drives can be a little bit more stressful, harder on sponsor families, and eat into liberty so aren’t great...
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    Personal Essay Question - Story about a lie?

    You're the only one who can decide, but the posters above had some really great advice. If it was truly small, did it really affect your life that much, enough to want to use up all of the part of your application where you can truly show them who you are? Everyone who has been appointed to the...
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    Roller coaster I: Get Us (The Parents) Through Plebe Year - Class of ‘26 🎢

    The Center for Academic Excellence has supplemental instruction classes which take place during a normal academic period and are essentially like normal classes because you have to attend them if you sign up. However, there is no homework because they are designed to review and clarify material...
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    Game Days Mandatory?

    Attending one sporting event each week is still in Midregs, but we plebes were surprised last fall to find out that none of the upperclassmen had done that themselves or even knew it was a rule, so I am not sure how long ago that tradition was discontinued. I am not sure what ship visits are, so...
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    Game Days Mandatory?

    Yes, they voluntold a lot of mids attend the Orioles game in Baltimore last spring because they needed so many in attendance. There was also the Army-Navy soccer game last year. I think it was a litttle easier to encourage people to attend games towards the end of the year when they developed...
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    Apple Watch 7

    On the last week of plebe summer, one of our firstie detailers highly suggested Apple Watches when the topic came up because a lot of the professors are pretty strict about phone use during class (a good amount of them are also very lenient), and they are nice to see important notifications and...
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    HELP, How do I contact my BGO?

    At this point, I would contact your regional commander in admissions and alert them to the situation because the BGO interview is an important part of the application. They should be able to sort things out.
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    USNA Pistol/Rifle Ribbons

    I also missed E by 3 points. You can usually requalify during the AC year if you are part of a team such as the service rifle and pistol team, but otherwise there are no retakes at the academy unless you eventually do weapons detail. They don’t currently have great opportunities to shoot...
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    Computers issued during PS

    Yes, you get your laptops issued very early in plebe summer, but most companies’ detailers keep them locked up in the wardroom until they are needed. Last summer we used them to write our plebe weekly journals every night in a google form, and had to watch a few informative videos such as the...
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    West Point #2 / USNA #1?

    I think @MidCakePa has some really good advice. My original first choice was USAFA. Although I received the principal nom for USAFA from my congressman and regular noms for USNA and USMA because I put USAFA as #1 on my application followed by USNA and USMA, I ended up being medically DQ’d by...
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    Roller coaster I: Get Us (The Parents) Through Plebe Year - Class of ‘26 🎢

    Yes, you are right. Its all part of the mind game. A lot of times they have a set time to drop you, and they just have to think of a reason to “justify“ it to mess with you and make you feel like it was your own fault. After plebe summer, our detailers showed us how they picked our rifle locks...
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    Roller coaster I: Get Us (The Parents) Through Plebe Year - Class of ‘26 🎢

    They played “I’ll be home for Christmas” outside last year for the class of 2025! After EOL, I think we went down for dinner and a brief in Alumni. That night after the brief was terrifying because they found a lot of “egregious mistakes” while we were gone during PPW, and knew that the next...
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    After PPW, you have to give your electronics back for the last week in your personal bag, then get them back again after PS is over.