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    Thanks to you all.

    Super exciting to hear! Join the Facebook group so we can all get to know you better before summer. Sent using the Service Academy Forums® mobile app
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    Thanks! I'm from the valley.
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    BFE arrived in California for me too today! By far one of my proudest achievments!
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    Hopefully mine will come today, I'm from the valley.
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    If I may ask where in California?
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    Numbers info

    +1 Jayceguy Same with me! And have you got an update on your portal yet?
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    Class of 2018 Appointments

    Codyl,1/15/14, Congressional, JROTC Nom, CA
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    Early action deadline

    Still no word on my portal, I'm going to be on edge all day.
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    Recommendation Letters for Application

    I just made copies of the ones I had and sent them in. Just standard school header.
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    Final Dodmerb Chapter

    I had cauliflower ear and had it drained and I was still qualified so at least for that concern you should not worry.
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    Early action deadline

    Still haven't heard anything. Will be hanging in there with everyone else till next week.
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    Early action deadline

    +1 leto8178 Even though that is miserable for us candidates haha!
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    Citadel Full Academic Scholarship

    I think the best course of action would be to call one of the representatives and explain the predicament that you are in.
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    Anyone Want to Get a BFE this week

    Have any appointments gone out?
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    Question for current cadets

    Alright thanks for the help, I guess I will be waiting until march to setup a bank account then.
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    Question for current cadets

    Is that the cadet account or the personal account?
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    starting application process

    Battalion commander as a junior? That's impressive!
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    Question for current cadets

    I am not related to anyone in the military so will I still be able to setup an account there?
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    Question for current cadets

    What is the best bank account to use while at the academy and can I sign up for it before I go?