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    Will suffering a traumatic experience DQ me from the USNA?

    Also, everyone should be aware that a few years ago the military implemented a system that can look up every medicine your were Ever prescribed. Can't remember the name of it, but a retired recruiter wrote a long opinion piece about it within the last year describing the medical clearance issues...
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    CO 2028 I-Day debrief

    A few years ago we dropped our P2B on one of the 2 I-days at the time (due to lingering COVID protocols). Our P2B had some Old School football coaches in High School but was still visibly rattled saying something like "even the girls here are mean". I thought that was really funny although I...
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    Color Vison, CCT, UPT

    Please share everything you can.
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    Waiver denied

    Wow, huge thread drift after I posted that article about military recruits in general having difficulties getting through the medical qualification/medical waiver process. To briefly summarize, this particular former recruiter thought DEI, CRT, and woke issues were only a minor part of why...
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    Waiver denied

    For a thoughtful, well informed, and an depth commentary about military recruitment and medical issues there is an article in National Review from Feb 9, 2024 titled "Why Military Recruitment is Miserable". Not...
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    Eye Standards for Rated Fields

    The only way to know if your mild color vision deficiency is disqualifying for being an Air Force pilot is to take the Cone Contrast Test (CCT). Several years ago the Air Force reduced the color vision requirement a little to make it easier to pass. I think it was reduced to 5/10 from 6/10 for...
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    Malicious Website Warning for Graduation careful typing!

    For those looking to set reserve graduation accommodations. Be careful to type in PROPERLY! There is a different website spelled similarly that is MidRents. The proper website has the 'S' after Mid, not after Rent. Fortunately the improper website was blocked by my computer with...
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    Accommodative Esotropia for pilot slot

    I never had depth perception problems, but have heard there are ways to develop depth perception with practice from others who initially had problems passing, but passed eventually. Anyone else know better about that?
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    Graduation Fact Sheet: c/o 2023

    Great. Thanks for the info. Any idea what those 3 Navy cross commissioners are headed for? Surface Warfare, Subs, etc....?
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    Colorblind Question

    As I remember it, when the CCT rolled out there was quite a big bunch of current and qualified Air Force pilots that could not pass the CCT. The CCT was created to more precisely measure color vision and presented to the Air Force as necessary to disqualify pilots and pilot candidates that...
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    Graduation Fact Sheet: c/o 2023

    907 US USAFA grads seems lower than typical also though. And was my assumption about a 1 for 1 exchange ever correct?
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    Private Pilot's License while at USAFA

    I recommend trying to finish before I day, or at least do the first solo cross country to get over that hurdle, AND get the currently misnamed "written" done. I think a "written" test is accepted for the checkride for 24 months after it is taken. But Doolie year is probably not realistic to...
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    Graduation Fact Sheet: c/o 2023

    8 cross commissioned! Isn't that more than typical? I believe in decades past cross commissioning required a 1 for 1 "trade" in a way with the other service academies. Is that the case currently?
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    Colorblind Question

    At least for pilots and other aviation related career fields, I believe the Air Force still uses the Cone Contrast Test (CCT) for color vision testing which has proven to be more difficult to pass than the "dotted plate tests". I am pretty sure the Air Force would not accept the Farnsworth...
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    Pilot Height Waiver

    A classmate from my USAFA and UPT class used the same "Frankenstein Boots" as we called them to make everything work. She's now a General.
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    Pilot Height Waiver

    Realize it is not just standing height that matters. As I recall there are sitting height upper and lower limits, along with weight ranges. Too tall in sitting height, in the case of the T-6's canopy fracture system failing during ejection, could result in your helmet impacting the canopy of...
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    Pilot Qualification Questions

    Yes, forgot about depth perception problems.
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    Pilot Qualification Questions

    The DODMERB medical qualification for acceptance to an Academy is NOT the same as the flight physical that qualifies you for pilot training. I remember the official flight physical being done late junior year or early senior year. Been a few decades though. The actual flight physical looks at...
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    USMA “file closed for the year”

    I think that happened to my DS 2 years ago. He was working on the academy apps that had earlier deadlines so the inactivity triggered it from what I vaguely remember. He called and talked to the local ALO, or whatever the right name for them for WP is, explained the reason for lack of recent...
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    What varsity sports are easiest to walk on?

    Sprint Football. Varsity sport. Full College football rules for those under 180 lbs or so. A lot try out but most don't make it though. Many on the team were recruited by Div II/III college teams so most have to have had quite a bit of competitive High School football experience. I think...