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    North Georgia vs. The Citadel or VMI

    My DS is a Cadet at UNG. He received the three-year ROTC scholarship as well. He applied for and received a Leadership scholarship from UNG. It was not a large amount, but it helped. Cadets can apply for other scholarships after their Freshman year. Another opportunity is the Project GO...
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    Cadet life and free time at UNG and Norwich

    My DS is wrapping up his first year at UNG. Your free time is more restricted during the first semester to make sure you are focused on your academics and settle in with the corps. You will have duties and be in quarters the first semester, and there are more closed weekends in the fall. You...
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    Go Gators!
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    Need info about cadet life at SMCs

    He started over the summer with a Project GO scholarship to study Arabic. He was ready to leave home and enjoyed the new found freedom, but there was some normal adjustment issues. It was pretty intense coursework, and a difficult language to learn, but he loved it enough to work it into his...
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    Need info about cadet life at SMCs

    My DS is attending UNG as a member of the Boar's Head Brigade. This is his first year, but he seems to really enjoy it, so much so that he decided not to reapply to the Academies. He is attending as an out-of-state student, but pays in-state tuition. UNG is unique among the SMCs as it is Army...
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    Best time to visit USNA in the fall?

    No, my DS was invited his Junior Year. We had about four weeks to pull it together, but it was a great experience.
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    No TWE

    My DS received a TWE, but there is not on his portal.
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    Is this bad(PLEASE HELP)

    I have taught at the high school level for over two decades. From my experience, it is not too late to pull up your GPA and prove you have what it takes. I have seen plenty of students pull their GPA up and improve their class ranking with diligence. We have learned through our DS's experience...
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    Describe the admissions process in three words

    Anxious Purgatory Reapply
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    Plan B?

    UNG is a Senior Military College and is supposed to have a great foreign language program, Chinese and Arabic are the biggies. Cadets receive in-state tuition. I do not know if it is too late to apply. However, it is the only SMC that is focused on one branch. The Corp of Cadets is Army only.
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    UNG Housing question

    You can request a company on the housing form as well as roommate.
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    USMA Denied Thread

    He did not. He was hoping for a waiver. He has a great New Plan A and staying focused on the positives.
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    UNG Housing question

    DS is planning to attend UNG in the Corp of Cadets. He is wondering if anyone can offer suggestions on choosing a Company.
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    Army ROTC 3rd Scholarship Board Results

    I have a question on behalf of DS. He received an e-mail stating his dashboard has been updated. Hoping for the best, when he logged in he discovered a new message saying he should expect a package and new letter to sign. However, he received and accepted a 3 Year AD from the second Board and...
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    USMA Denied Thread

    DS was rejected by snail mail a week ago with a congressional nomination.
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    Was anybody on this board who was offered an Ike Skelton scholarship...

    DS has UNG as his Plan A now. I highly recommend a visit and talking to Cadet Admissions. The campus is fantastic with plenty of outdoor recreational activities for your down time, and the Admissions team has been very helpful.
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    Class of 2021 USNA Appointment Thread

    DS received TWE e-mail today as well. He said he will take a few days then begin the reapplication process again. Good luck to the rest of you.
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    Room and Board Payment no longer an option?

    The UNG website still says the scholarship will cover either tuition or room and board; however, the Army website just mentions tuition and fees along with the stipend and book allowance.
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    Turned Down

    So sorry to hear this. Your perseverance should lead you to some great adventures on your journey. Stay true to your course.