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    ‘25 PS so far

    We used to live on PB and J - and apples. For those of us meeting mids at PPW - just prepare to break the bank buying fruit this weekend. I've already resigned myself to buying a fortune of berries!
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    ‘25 PS so far

    DS was probably in isolation same time as your DD:) - during phone call home. gotta love plebe hack.
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    Finding out our Companies

    DS also got 3rd Company! But he doesn't see PS company (alpha, bravo, etc) anywhere on the email.
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    Transgender Applicant

    Thank you for wanting to serve. As you can see, this forum is awesome for providing help and accurate information, so you have definitely come to the right place. Good luck to you as you go through the process and hope to see you on the 2026 appointment list!
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    Tuesday/Wednesday Induction Days

    Really? Has this actually happened? I assumed report times would stay the same.
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    C/O 2025 Vaccination Numbers

    It should come to your almost plebe's email.
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    Recommendations from teachers.

    And if you choose to use senior year teachers, they typically have to have taught you for at least a quarter of the year. DS waited until end of Oct to turn in application in order to have Senior year math teacher do his instead of Junior year teacher. Ask your admissions officer - they can...
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    What do I bring for plebe summer?

    DS wears Brooks Adrenaline for track and general running - super hope they get those again this year! But just went out and got 2 in case they don't....
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    What do I bring for plebe summer?

    This is great advice - thanks!
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    What do I bring for plebe summer?

    There is a list in the Permit to Report packet that tells you what you can/should bring. It starts on page 14. It states that candidates "SHALL bring their own broken in running shoes." You will be issued running shoes (DS says that last year's look like Brooks "Adrenaline"), but should wear...
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    Best Graduation Gift for Plebes.

    My P2B keeps stating he will not need money. I would concur with NavyHoops. Friday/Saturday will roll around and they will want to order out or get snacks, etc. Then they will need to grab something at the mid store, etc. I suspect they will want more than they anticipate. And yes, they get...
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    Memorizing knowledge

    I don't remember?😜 Seriously, I don't - but would 100% concur with Old Navy BGO - combine confidence, accuracy, and flow in your delivery. Don't laugh and be quick. Go for the flow/confidence over complete accuracy. Then the detailer will quickly move on to the next poor sucker in line. And...
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    Do most mids get class rings?

    One more thought for you - DH and I both graduated USNA same year - both of us have class rings. I wear mine every day. I think I've seen him wear his once in 32 years. My synthetic and inexpensive stone is practically rounded, rather than faceted, by now. We were talking about this post and...
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    2025 USNA Permit to Report Letter

    DS has 6/30 at 11:30
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    2025 USNA Permit to Report Letter

    Agreed - We would have never done that to our plebes, and I can't imagine things have changed THAT much. Rumor gone!
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    2025 USNA Permit to Report Letter

    I hope that is not the case. Trashing someone's belongings - in particular a passport - doesn't seem like behavior we expect of the officers they are supposed to become!
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    2025 USNA Permit to Report Letter

    DS from across the room: "and plebes, your first task is to ascertain exactly what time 0 is and then be there ON TIME. Don't be late and welcome to the Navy, Midshipmen."
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    Computers and software

    This is the gouge that does not appear in the PTR packet - thanks so much!
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    Computers and software

    Huge help. Thank you. One more question, if I may: what are the regs on plebes rating extra devices and accompanying media? ie can plebes play video game on Friday or Saturday nights during ac year? You all are a great source of info - thanks!