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    USAFA Class of 2022 Spring Workout Plan

    As said above, meals in basic are stressful. That being said, they monitor each basics weight weekly and will put them on protein/calorie supplements if they lose any significant amount of weight. Also, most meals served in basic are high calories because the dining hall staff knows the basics...
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    Bct intramural

    They give you a choice, you don’t need cleats for any of them tho. Only a few people that went really hard at intramurals soccer had them.
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    Gap year?

    Yes, I’m 2020 & we got an email about this in the spring. You have to apply for it. I have no idea how competitive it is though. I know tons of Mormons that leave for LDS missions, and they reapply, but you have a pretty good chance of getting back in. I could forward you the email if you dm me.
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    Travel tips to USAFA?

    You will definitely need a car, it’s over $100 just to Uber 1-way from DIA to CO springs and there are no shuttles. Also, there are no shuttles that will take you on base to the cadet area. Another note for parents weekend, you will only have Sunday and Monday with your cadet, not at USAFA. You...
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    BCT preparation for Class of 2022

    @FMHS-79 is correct they will not reimburse you for boots, but they will not make you pay for a second pair during BCT, so either way you’re paying for 2 pairs of boots. I recommend bringing your own, they will be lighter and you won’t have to spend the first week with blister covered feet.
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    USAFA Class of 2022 Spring Workout Plan

    I’m a 3deg at usafa who will be a cadre for your BCT. I would strongly recommend focusing on body weight exercises (push-ups, planks, scissor kicks, jump squats, etc) and running. The hardest thing, especially if you’re coming from sea level, is the cardio. Run a lot, the longest you will likely...
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    Difference Between AFT and PFT

    PFT - pull-ups, standing long jump, sit-ups, push-ups, and a 600 meter sprint. AFT - 1.5 mile run They average into your PEA and this past spring we took them with 1 day in between. Depends on the year/schedule.
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    USAFA Appointee Tour

    Sorry to burst your bubble but they charge you 50 dollars a year to attend football games. You just never see the money cuz it's taken out of your paycheck before you get it.
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    Summer Squadron Assignments are posted!

    Name-Squadron-Report Time Andrewxc-Aggressors-0645 Nam333-Hellcats-1145 Gballer-Hellcats-1145 Rosesarerad-Cobras-0810 Brandon291-Flying Tigers- 1010 Kyfalc-Aggressors-0645 MDtoCO-Cobras-0810