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    NROTC class of 2023

    I might be misunderstanding your footer but if you have already accepted USNA, you would not list your NROTC scholarship here because this is for those MIDN who have accepted their scholarship to connect and see how many have been granted to the institution they might be attempting to get...
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    Would acceptance to an ROTC program help you in college admissions?

    I have to agree with @kinnem here completely. They are definitely not clubs. And while they are not an SMC ROTC (my DD goes to one), there are many college programs that are very active. At Jacksonville University, for example, the NROTC program is located right in a town with three Navy bases...
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    ROTC vs. Corps of Cadets

    My DD is an NROTC MID3/C at VT Corps of Cadets and loves it. The combination of living and learning together in a disciplined military environment with 1200 other cadets, while also getting a top notch engineering degree from a PhD granting institution was what tipped the scales for her. It was...
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    Hair for Females

    yep - my DD cut the locks and went with a pixie cut for NROTC and has been a happy camper ever since!
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    VTCC Parents/former cadets on getting in?

    Hi there! My DD is in VTCC...and she is a violinist! I'm sure she'd love a cellist in the Corps so I'm rooting for you. My advice: I would definitely go ahead and get a recommendation letter just so you have the chance to tell more of your story - especially about how you struggled early but...
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    VTCC Parents/former cadets on getting in?

    @kinnem While bills have been proposed each year to limit to 25%, I don't think that one has ever passed. The last one in 2017 was defeated as far as I can tell. VT is currently around 31% out of state. UVA 33% and William & Mary around 37%. So I think @isue38011 is still good on that score...
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    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    I've declined my appointment. to SMT- looking at your previous posts, you applied and wait listed last year with USNA being your top choice. Just curious why you declined. @gala10 --I think you have to link SMT's handle for him to directly see your question. @SMT - like that. I just did...
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    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    Ha ha! You know it, @kinnem ! BTW, my younger daughter just toured USC - very impressive!
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    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    Thanks ProuDad17. This is great advice in that it gives DS an additional scholarship channel. Since the VT Enginieering program is a 5 year program, do you know if he could use it the full 4 years? My DD is NROTC and VT engineering (Aerospace & Ocean Engineering - 5 yr). She does have a...
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    Hotel! Woot woot!
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    Hey my DD is coming from VT to CORTRAMID West!
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    NROTC Questions??

    Also note that if you are in a unit at an SMC, it will be significantly different so you might want to indicate what type of program you are entering. I totally agree with @FastFood44 on being physically fit as early as possible. My DD was told by her unit that even though there are four...
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    Okay now we need to start a CORTRAMID West...:)
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    Countdown to April 15th

    Mine did the same @ChoirDude and she hasn't looked back. The Navy gives them all the same training - she just got her summer orders to San Diego for CORTRAMID (West) - the exact same training as USNA mids (and all other scholarshp NROTC Mids) will be doing. She just decided that although she...
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    Rejection from USNA 2022

    To the point made by @MichUSNA2021hopefulparent - this is one of the reasons my DD went with VT and the Corp of Cadets. She toured some great schools (UVA, U Md, Ga Tech, and more) but in the end, she kept having to ask the admissions people about ROTC because she wanted to see how integrated...
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    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    Good luck to him! We'll miss him as a Hokie but we know you have to go with your heart!
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    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    All right, I'll do it. First is alphabetical. Second is sorted by number of firm commits. The "or" indicates possible number change based upon those that have yet to select between 2. Arizona-2 Embry-Riddle-2 Holy Cross -1 Maryland-1 Michigan-1or 2 MIT-1or 2 Norwich-1 Notre Dame-1...
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    VaTech vs TAMU Corps of Cadets

    No! I know you weren't - just adding info from the source.
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    VaTech vs TAMU Corps of Cadets

    Appreciate @JAGman and his post but speaking from VT, I wanted to clarify a few facts on behalf of VTCC in case they are accidentally misinterpreted from his post. There are approximately 30,000 students at Virginia Tech, of which approximately 1,100 are in the Corps of Cadets. Only 8,000...