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    Plebe's status and pictures

    My advice? QUIT YOUR JOB until PPW. Waldo hunting is WAY more important than a paycheck! LOL! 75% of the time, my MID told me that wasn't him, anyway! Oh...but that first hug at PPW!
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    Life’s so funny…..

    Well, you what they say, right? The only thing in common between West Point cadets and USNA Midshipmen? They all applied to the Naval Academy! And...before anyone gets mad at me, this was (mostly) posted in jest. BUT...the OP posted on the USNA there's that.
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    Still waiting on Summer Seminar decision?

    Agree that there is no way to know. My son's stats paled compared to yours. BUT...we're from California and many people out here don't even know about NASS or even the service academies, in general. DO NOT LET THIS stop him from applying. Now, that would be a sad day. Make sure he does the...
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    USNA Class of 2028 Offers of Appointment Self-Updating List (Posters copy, paste, update with their entry)

    Hi Eagle! My DS was 2017 Principal Nom from CA-20. Class of 2021. I'm in CLOVIS if you or your parents have any questions, please feel free to reach out. CONGRATULATIONS!
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    USNA Class of 2028 Offers of Appointment Self-Updating List (Posters copy, paste, update with their entry)

    Me either. We were waiting in 2017...I finally freaked out one day and said, "HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM ABOUT THIS?" He looked at me with his little smile and said, "Mom. That's why I'm going to be an Officer." (I've told this story before here...but it bears repeating!)
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    Service selection sheets turned in for c/o 24!!

    Not trying to be too off-topic, but going back to discussions about credit cards and military benefits. My 21' had LOTS of spare time whilst awaiting NIFE and throughout Primary. His passion is finance and when he had time during the waiting periods, he started up a webpage about saving, credit...
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    I don't enjoy my sport anymore

    My DS played water polo and swam from 6th grade to his Senior year. Never the best player on the team, he could hold his own and his HS Coach offered to talk to the Navy Coach. I honestly am not sure could've made the Navy WP team, but would've certainly been AWESOME on the Club team...
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    YOUR DOGS, CATS & Other Domestic Fauna - Cute, sad, buff or silly

    @Heatherg21 I truly am so sorry for the loss of your daughter's Honey, and her home. One can be rebuilt, but one can't. I read the post and cried...and gave my Oliver a little more love this morning.
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    Uniforms at funerals/memorial services each his own opinion. I was the OP. My DS DID, in fact, wear his uniform. He had a cousin in the Army who also wore his uniform and therefore, didn't feel quite so "trying to be in the spotlight". He wore it in memory of his Nana who was SO very proud of him...and his Papa who was...
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    Are we looking at admissions the wrong way? And a ROTC/Re-applicant question.

    In many posts...I have said I was SO glad to NOT be on the forums here until after he had a nomination. I think I was asking questions on FB and someone said, you should probably look at the SA Forums page. Had I been on this site (and absolutely NO criticism or discredit to the INCREDIBLE...
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    Uniforms at funerals/memorial services

    Ocular leakage. I love it. That will be my new phrase. If you are looking for a good phrase for "fat"...try "overtly over nourished". Another of my faves.
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    Relationship Advice

    Capt. MJ's advice is on point. My DS had started dating his GF at the beginning of their Senior Year in HS. (2016...they graduated in 2017). DS went to USNA Plebe Summer in 2017. She had written him letters ahead of time..."Open this one when you're missing me". "Open this one when you feel...
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    I am proud, proud, proud, but sad to see him go. 2027 incoming Plebe. Watch out world!

    It WILL get better. I remember actually thinking to myself, my DS will never live with me, again. I think it was easier because we physically MOVED and I didn't have to look at his "actual" room (the one he grew up in). But the tears will pop up when you least expect them. Let them flow and...
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    Advice for Parents?

    "It won’t be Facebook or parents groups that will make this easier for the parent. Often its easy to becomes overly consumed in the drama of social media and group worry., And not always in a healthy way." 100% TRUTH! I had this issue with one Mom in my son's company. You CANNOT always...
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waitlist: Team Hopeful

    It sounds as though you've got the perfect perspective. Keep up your hard work and get to Pensacola. My 21' is almost done with Primary and he said no one cares what route you took to get there. MY boss (a Retired/Reserve USMC Pilot) always jokes that my son is going to be a "ring knocker"...
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    Roller coaster I: Get Us (The Parents) Through Plebe Year - Class of ‘26 🎢

    My water-polo playing DS ('21) had never sailed before. After Plebe Summer he was hooked on sailing. He had Sailing Block 1 too, as a brand new Youngster. He took part in a RACE to Bermuda and it was the first time ONLY MIDSHIPMAN (no adult coaches on board) sailed! Incidentally, his ship WON...
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    Difficulty getting into the USNA

    And...what really got me was when my son (21') got an internship his summer before 2/C and a parent in his company had the audacity to say her poor daughter couldn't get a "good" internship because they only went to people pouring money into the Academy. I finally got pretty sick of her...
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    Service Selection Question

    Always correct and precise answer Capt. MJ. I think (at least in 2021) they did RFK surgery which is slightly more invasive. I'm not an expert (my kid was borderline but did NOT need the surgery) and I will happily be corrected.
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    Navy Flight School Q and A

    UPDATE: My DS Solo'd today. The Medics working with him were fabulous. He knows he does not want (nor could he get Jets)...and he's fine with that. Those folks working with the airsick within the Navy Flight School have done wonders. Monday he'll start Form (formations) and then Instruments...
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    That's what happened to my DS. Class of 21. And, I'm going to tag on here about checking the portal. Like someone else said, we have a pretty tight relationship. I always had his sign in and checked his portal WAY more often than he did. The next morning after the call, actually a MESSAGE on...