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    Spirit Passes?

    Spirit passes are open for random big games throughout the semester. The most common trips are for games against service academies, but it just depends on what they want. You can wear whatever you want on the pass, but you will be in uniform with the other spirit pass takers for the game/ event.
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    Which iPad did you pick?

    17 and a butt days until graduation... Have yet to actively need the ipad in class. West Point wifi is fine, so no data plan is needed. The only the thing you really need to ask is if you want a smaller or larger screen for netflix/skype from bed instead of on a computer at your desk.
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    Civil Prep Appointment/TWE

    I never got a TWE, but Civil Prep was the best decision I made. Congrats!
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    CBT Duct Tape

    She wants duct tape. She will have to tape down straps, label items, etc. She may not be able to get to the C-Store for the first 3 or 4 days. I would bring it to R-Day.
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    USMA CBT Knife Suggestion

    This one has tools to quickly adjust rifle sights, which has been extremely helpful on ranges.
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    Help me out!!

    I agree with Crazyhorse about taking the ACT. Many people test exponentially higher on one over the other.
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    Question's about MMI and JMC-to-Academy Process

    Cewrobel, I'm sending you a PM.
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    Questions about MMI packing list

    For the full size, we just folded it and put it between our two desks. I guess the biggest plus is it'll keep clothes off the floor when ironing. The rooms are always dusty. As for banking and getting cash, the school has an ATM, but it charges $2.25. There is also a bank in town, but I...
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    Questions about MMI packing list

    Nigel, I sent you a PM.
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    Questions about MMI packing list

    This past year, I bought Wal-Mart brand sheets. The beds at MMI are XL twins, but I never slept in my bed, so length did not matter for me. With the blanket they issue, it's more comfortable and efficient to either sleep in a sleeping bag or to put sheets and and blanket on top of the...
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    Ask a sponsored prepster

    JWP, there is no room for a desktop computer. Unless you are lucky enough to be in Trustees barracks, the rooms are roughly the size of a large broom closet :biggrin: But especially as a prep cadet, a laptop (with programs similar to the word, excell, ppt, etc.) and printer are necessities.
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    Ask a sponsored prepster

    Weinerdog, sorry for the late reply. You don't really have to bring a lot of civilian clothes because especially in the first semester, there really is not much time to go out of Marion. He will be busy with academics. But when he does get out, the biggest thing about civies is that you have...
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    Questions for previous Falcon Scholars

    I was West Point sponsored this year at MMI, so things could be slightly different, but we had virtually the same requirements for admission that the FF's had. 1. You do have to reapply. 2. We had to get new recommendations. 3. I didn't apply to other schools, but some did. As long as your...
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    Ask a sponsored prepster

    USMA90, I'm sorry, I don't think I completely answered your question. Your boots are issued. They are usually the bellevilles, but it is just luck of the draw. Some people did buy the Nikes or Rockys once school started, but like I said, unless you plan on doing ranger challenge or swamp fox...
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    Ask a sponsored prepster

    USMA90, I wouldn't worry about boots or shoes. There is no strenuous rucking unless you are involved in ranger challenge or swamp fox. As for shoes, there will be PLENTY of time to shine shoes when waiting on the next activity during ITC. That's a good time to organize your room, shine shoes...
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    Ask a sponsored prepster

    You don't have to carry the stuff around all day like at R-Day, so bring everything on the list. There are also a few other things that we have found extremely useful this year. One of the best ideas we had this year was sleeping on top of our beds. Bring a sleeping bag or extra blanket/sheets...
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    New 'religious tolerance' policies.

    This is taking political correctness to a whole new level. Has anyone heard any news on this? Has anyone ever had problems with this in the military? and an article from the other side of the issue...
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    The Military Prep School Scam

    Last year at West Point, there were 2,629 qualified cadets, meaning they were all academically, physically, and medically qualified, and they all had a nomination. Only 1,193 were appointed. It is just not feasible to grant the rest of the group admission to the next class.
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    Civil Prep

    The dinner was a fun opportunity to get to know everyone. If you are planning on attending and get to Marion early, I know that one of the AoG's went ahead and got some paperwork done for MMI early last year and it saved him some time from waiting in lines the next day. :thumb:
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    Civil Prep

    Historically, over 90% of the sponsored preps that attend MMI before going to West Point will graduate.