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    Marine Corps Option Fitness Test

    As far as scoring goes I believe a 1st class score is the minimum but in order to be competitive you want to be shooting for a 285 or above.
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    Initial PFT

    Howdy y’all I know that to activate the Marine option scholarship at the start of freshman year we must pass a PFT. Does it need to be a 1st class score?
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    TAMU NROTC outfits

    Fish are allowed to pick an outfit at their new student conference, provided it isn’t full. As far as what outfit to pick it depends entirely on your child. Have them spend the night if they can with a few outfits. They can also read a brief description of each outfit on
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    NROTC - MO Needing advice

    MO do also do an interview, although this year you will start doing them with the PMS at a unit. I believe that my interview was easily the strongest part of my package so make sure you are clear and confident in your answers. Other than that, I know all too well how much you want to be able to...
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    Marine-Option NROTC to OCS

    @kinnem summed it up well. If you want an idea of what our OCS experience will be like there’s a super detailed reddit post of you google “NROTC OCS Reddit”. If you want to find a video there’s a 45 minute video about PLC Seniors which is the same as the Bulldog program on YouTube.
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    2024 - and so it begins... timeframe?

    In addition to putting in the contact info for letters of recommendation in the application, I had signed and sealed transcripts and letters given to me and brought them with me to my interview. It may be different this year because when I applied (Marine Option) I had my physical and interview...
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    Sounds like a great plan. My recommendation is if you plan to apply to USNA, I would also apply for a Marine NROTC scholarship as a Plan B in case you aren't offered an appointment. Beyond that maintain high grades and get involved in leadership positions in a select group (1 or 2) unique...
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    Welcome to the forum! Have you narrowed down which branch or branches interest you the most? Or are you still feeling out all of your options?
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    NROTC Uniform Spreadsheet

    Since SMCs aren’t going to NSI this summer are we getting our uniforms at FOW (for TAMU) or are they shipping them out to us?
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    NROTC teacher evaluations and NROTC recruiter

    Quick bit of advice for the letters. In addition to having your teachers submit them directly to NROTC, I also asked for a copy in a sealed envelope that they signed across the seal to protect against tampering. That way if something gets lost in the paperwork shuffle at Naval Training Command...
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    New Service Academies?

    This isn't the original article that I read but it's the first result for "close the service academies"
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    New Service Academies?

    There have actually been articles discussing the opposite point, that we should close the SA's because of the crazy cost (322k at USAFA) vs much cheaper methods like ROTC and OCS that provide the same end result: a 2nd Lieutenant.
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    Which school to pick?

    I believe around 1/3 of the Corps at A&M are engineering majors so she will have a lot of support and tutoring available to her within the Corps. Beyond the difference between the schools themselves, A&M is one of the SMCs, so instead of a traditional ROTC experience it will be more similar to a...
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    Recommendation Letters

    I strongly suggest asking them to write you a letter first. I first spoke with them, then submitted their info and brought physical copies of the letters to my officer interview
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    Academic Awards Night

    I just won the Marine NROTC scholarship so it may be different, but my OSO is presenting me with a check at awards night.
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    In Reg Tattoo

    I'm not currently in but I'd suggest checking the official posted policy which can probably be found online, or even better just email USNA. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to let you know. Your chain of command may also be a resource. Good Luck!
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    NROTC Scholarship Failure

    It’s on GroupMe, the link to join is in the Facebook group for admitted freshmen
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    NROTC Scholarship Failure

    Looks like we'll be starting our fish year at TAMU together. The good news is that the Corps is great at getting cadets 3 and 2 year scholarships. Have you joined the class of 23 group chat? It'll be a great place to meet the other fish and get some questions answered.
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    ROTC Scholarship Megathread

    Status: Received ROTC Classification: Marine Board: 1st Scholarship Type: 4yr Demographics (Optional): Gender: Male Ethnicity / Race: Indian Academic Information: ACT: 35 (35 English/34 Math/ 36 Reading/36 Science) Unweighted Cumulative GPA: 3.40/ 4.00 Activities (Athletics): Only list...
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    Dual Citizenship

    Same question here. I am in the process of losing it but I have concerns about how it may affect security clearances for NROTC