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    December 1 stipend

    My son's battalion did not receive their December 1st stipend. Their HR person thought perhaps it would be added to the December 15th, but my son looked at his bank account and only the December 15th stipend is pending. His HR person has no idea what happened. Did the stipend get caught up in...
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    AROTC Cadet Summer Speciality Internships

    How does this work for MSIIIs with LDAC or whatever it will now be called?
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    New memo on Cadet Pay for summer training

    Bull, Does the memo just mean that the Army will not pay because the cadets are paid through the State department? Forgive my ignorance.
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    CULP updates and or orders

    Ukraine and CULP DS is supposed to go to Romania for CULP this summer. Any guesses on the liklihood of that being canceled due to the situation in the Ukraine?
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    CULP assignments are coming out...

    culp My DS just found out he also will be going to Romania!
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    German Armed Forces Badge

    My DS is a MSI and has been chosen to compete for the German Armed Forces Badge this month. Has anyone on this forum ever competed for it, and I'm assuming this not a competition parents can go and watch (not a dork-just new to anything military):smile:.
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    Gift for nephew going to West Point

    My nephew is going to West Point July 1st. What would be a good graduation gift for him, besides money, that he could use at Beast or during the school year?
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    DodMerb blood pressure questions

    Called DodMerb today regarding the blood pressure question and they were very helpful. Want everyone to know an important piece of information that we were not aware of. The gentleman at DodMerb says that if the blood pressure is greater than 140/70 the clinic is supposed to automatically...
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    DodMerb blood pressure questions

    My DS went in for his exam today and his blood pressure was 144/70. Is this elevated by DodMerb standards? We asked the physician to take it again as I believe my DS was a little nervous. The physician said "normal is normal" and did not take his blood pressure a 2nd time. Will this blood...
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    AROTC scholarships posted

    My DS was awarded a scholarship for Michigan State University!! No mention of the length of the scholarship. We are trying not to get too excited as we must get through the DodMERB, and I've seen on some other posts people getting DQ'd for what seems to an outsider minor or ancient medical...
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    Third round Army Offers

    Happy Son My son's status changed today stating that he had been awarded an AROTC scholarship. Of course, he must complete the DodMERB so we are not looking at it as if it written in stone. We are very pleased and hope that everything falls into place.