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    Opinions on the Corps Cash Card

    Hi, I was wondering if any current cadets or grads can provide their opinion on the Corps Cash Card. I know it's basically a debit card, but, beyond the stated advantages listed below, do you see any other advantages or disadvantages to this cash card? Are there places at USMA where they will...
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    Appointments Soon?

    Don't forget the 200+ USMAPS folks who won't get their acceptances until May'ish...Take them out of your "available slots" equation.
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    Civil Prep (AOG Scholarship) Appointment Offers

    According to the USMAPS Facebook, they received their appointment certificates around mid-May 2017 last year. That's a long wait!
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    Group Chat USMA ‘22

    I will send a PM once I meet the 5 message requirement. Thank you.
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    USMA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    USMA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread 1) GoArmy2022 / Self / LOA / 10-Jan-2018 / Accepted / IN-02 / Congressional & Senatorial / Direct Appointment 2) Texan In MS / ?? / DS / 09-Jan-2018 / Accepting / MS-03 / Congressional & Senatorial / Direct Appointment 3) KB2022 /Self / No LOA / 09-Jan-2018...
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    Civil Prep/WPPSP - 3Q Letters?

    Hi Everyone! I was wondering if any of the Civil Prep candidates with or without a WPPSP (AOG scholarship) have their 3Q letters in their portal? I've completed all the requirements (all green check marks) including a Principal Nomination from my Congressman showing up in my candidate portal...
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    Appointment Offer

    Congratuations to everyone getting their appointments! I can't wait!!!