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    Wow, AFA Losing Cadets!

    Past experiences at military academies may give you an idea, but the system is much more clean. If cadre suspected that someone was not able to hack it and that they should leave, they spoke with their AOC about it. The AOC would give some perspective, ask to see documentation of the issue and...
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    C4C considering leaving after BCT

    While Academics certainly are a VERY important part of the Academy, I want to remind parents that Cadets are NOT here for the education. The Academy's mission is to educate, train, and inspire men and women to become officers of character, motivated to lead the United States Air Force in service...
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    Wow, AFA Losing Cadets!

    I took the time to aggregate all of the questions I saw since my last post and will answer each here as I am able. Where did the encouragement to step up the mental game come from? It came from all in charge of BCT. The policies governing standards in BCT were written to be a little more...
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    Wow, AFA Losing Cadets!

    I apologize for the conception that I was out to call anyone a liar. I was more of the mind that things needed clarification because people were unwittingly giving out information that was not correct. I have the correct information (I assure you) and want to share what I can to let people...
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    Wow, AFA Losing Cadets!

    Waded through this thread and saw a lot of untruths. I am very familiar with what happened at upper levels of BCT this summer. Anyone that wants to PM me with questions is welcome to. Two big clarifications that I would like to make... 1. The PT card was only for reps and that cadre were...
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    Cadet Voting

    C/O 2016 Appointee here. Given that this will be an election year can I get some information on how that process will work? Should I vote absentee in home state (MD) or is there a way to register out in CO? Will there be a polling place on the grounds or will we be transported to another...
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    Hell Cats here.
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    Official USAFA Class of 2016 Appointment thread

    107. Patience, MD-08, Congressman van Hollen, 5/15/12, off waitlist
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    2012 USAFA Summer Seminar Students

    Can't agree with you more Cook. I went SS session C last year as well (Raptor 28 hooah) and the first night, the Colonel in charge of SS got up in front of us. After all the warning about Doolie for a Day, he asked, "Who thinks they want to go here next year?" Every hand in that hall went up...
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    I thought that April 15th was the deadline for the couple hundred appointments that went out. This is the first I've heard about May 1st being a thing. And if we are to know by May 15th one way or another I would expect that they would want more time than from May 1st to make those decisions...
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    Class of 2016-Mailbox Stalkers Club

    Thanks MD. I'm MD as well actually. Heard that the candidate from my district hasn't accepted yet. Hoping he isn't waiting to make the decision and actually doesn't want it.
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    Class of 2016-Mailbox Stalkers Club

    My username is starting to run low... Any one have any information on how large the waitlist is? I accepted my spot onboard that and I would just like an idea of how many people I'm up against.