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    Army ROTC at a crosstown school

    I do it and it sucks. I'm seriously considering transferring to a school where the ROTC building is right on campus. I can't stand having to drive through inner city Baltimore. Ughh
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    I got the scholarship... now what happens?

    I got the four year army rotc scholarship for next year. The university that I'm going to is offering me 10,000 a year as well. If the army is paying for tuition what happens to the extra money? Does the army just pay the tuition minus 10,000?
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    Army Nurse Scholarship?

    I've been offered the Army ROTC 4 year nursing scholarship. I'd like to get my Masters as a Nurse Anesthetists after I get my commission. Is it possible to go guard after graduating or does this also incur an active duty commitment?
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    October Review Board Army ROTC

    Right before my status changed to saying that I had been offered the scholarship it said that I could check my qualification through dodmerb. The next day it said You have been offered an Army ROTC Scholarship, pending medical qualification from Department of Defense Medical Examination Review...