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    Just curious Christcorp, which district in California is the one you referred to that has difficulty getting nominations?
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    Flight Group numbers?

    What is BCT Experience portraits?
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    medical turnback

    I wish her a speedy recovery.
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    Second BFE Paperwork Question

    thank you so much!
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    Second BFE Paperwork Question

    Does anybody happen to have a web link or a pdf of a blank copy of this Emergency Cadet Info form that they could send to me? thx :)
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    New Materials sent via E-mail

    One potential problem is the important email ending up in a spam folder because of the number of recipients.
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    Parent planning questions

    Yeah this is a newbie parent question, but is bringing Vaseline to apply to prevent blisters allowed also? I am inclined to send my appointee off with some sports blister prevention stick (Bodyglide, Hydropel or some equivalent - they both work great) but wasn't sure if additional products like...
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    Class of 2016 schedule

    thanks! Thank you for the info, I"m submitting requests for the time off and hope all goes well with the basic training!
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    Class of 2016 schedule

    Hi - my son will be going to the Academy this summer. This is very exciting time! As we have received just a note from our Congressman but no other information yet, I am wondering if anyone knows the exact dates that a parent should plan on visiting the Academy? I've gathered some info...
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    Parent planning questions

    another parent planning question I read the thread regarding the September parent's weekend - for an entering first year, what kind of parental involvement may be needed in June? And for any other events in the first year? I need to find out if I can get time off of work ASAP, I have no...