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    STA-21 The Citadel

    Do the officer candidates; the ones at The Citadel getting commisions through STA-21 and such, i realize they are not part of the corps of cadets, but just attend ROTC...i was wondering what is life like for them.. Do they live in the campus dorms and how is their participation with the corps? I...
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    re-apply after enlistement?

    I was wondering if USNA looks at your high school resume (athletics, academics, clubs, etc) as an enlisted applicant. I got a nomination and ultimately a TWE, which I then enlisted. Im going to serve out my four year enlistment and then reapply. Who knows, four years from now what I will do, but...
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    August 14th 2010

    I went to The Citadel yesterday. I was accepted there and I decided to attend. But one night decided to enlist and go to BUD/s. I got a little sad knowing that I wouldnt be going here in 2 weeks but it is what it is.
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    STA-21 The Citadel

    Since STA-21 means I would be a full time student, could I go to The Citadel and be a part of the Corps of Cadets and do the whole 4 years like a normal high school graduate would and then go back to the fleet as an officer?
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    Navy Diver

    You cannot become a diving officer unless you either enlist and eventually go LDO (limited duty officer), become an engineer, or enlist then make chief then get commisioned as a warrant officer. The diving community got taken over by EOD so now for example NDSTC (naval diving salvage training...
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    Too good to be true?

    Please tell me if this is seriously legit. Anyone with experience? I am attending The Citadel this fall and pretty much this says I'm guaranteed a Marine pilot slot if i want. "When you apply to the Platoon Leaders Class or Officer Candidate Course, you choose the area that you want to go...
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    C or W

    what looks better on transcript? a "C" or a "W" for a community college class. Its near the end of the class and I will probably end up with a C, should I withdrawl and act like i got out in the very beginning since a W usually means you withdrew in the beginning of the class while passing or...
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    commisioning into a different service

    If you attend a SMC such as The Citadel, Norwich, VMI, etc., and lets say I participiate in Marine option ROTC all four years under no ROTC scholarship, could I commision into any service I wanted to since I wasnt under scholarship or would I be bound to the USMC since I did four years Marine...
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    Relationships at academies

    One of my cadre at CGA AIM said you could date 1 up and 1 below except for swabs not being able to date up.
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    picking classes

    SF49ers thanks for that reply. Yeah, after knob year im guessing everybody is friends except with the knobs so that should be fine. When you apply for rank, is there a sheet you fill out where you put every thing youve done in the corps of cadets and then a board reviews it?
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    Next Year and the Application Process

    Alot! even me.
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    picking classes

    I'll be graduating high school with my 1st year of college done through dual enrollment if any of you are familar with that. what im curious is, i know i will be entering The Citadel with the class of 2014 and will go through knob year with them but taking sophomore classes, but will I get to...
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    Its even worse to ask a question then when you get an unexpected answer, tell everyone some bonehead at your school asked it and not you. Dont be shy to ask questions about the USNA process. Asking if it was easier to get in if you want to be a Marine was a legit question, just not the...
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    Who is still waiting?

    anyone else going to be a bulldog with me starting this fall?
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    picking classes

    I've been accepted and payed my deposit to The Citadel and I was wondering, do we fill out forms about picking classes and a major now, or do I just drive to the campus on matriculation day and everyone picks from there?
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    curious about admission status

    Thank you, and yes after a few minutes of dissapointment, I moved on and looked foward to the new path ahead of me.
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    curious about admission status

    The wait is over. Got the TWE today. After 2 years of asking questions on this forum, I want to thank all you guys for the awesome answers. Although Im not in a bad mood because plan B is now secured and Im going to be a bulldog for the next four years. Hooya Citadel
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    curious about admission status

    I was wondering if I should just have more patience or if I should be more concerned. Nov. 18 was the day USNA received the last part of my application package. I havnt heard one word ever since CIS changed and said they received so and so on Nov 18. With it now April, should I email my BGO...
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    Who is still waiting?

    When did you all complete your applications?
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    3 q'd and nominated, will I get into naps?

    If i finished my application on Nov 18 and have never heard one word about anything from USNA since, am i waiting for a TWE or do i still have a shot at NAPS?