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    To improve chances...

    Visit Has your son been on an Ac Year visit or did he attend Summer Seminar? Does he participate in Boy Scouts, Civil Air Patol, Sea Cadets etc.? The opportunities for leadership are available, but the time is short. Keep a couple of targets in mind. If the application is complete, nomination...
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    Psoriasis question

    Waiver RetNavyHM has great advice with this. My waiver was approved a few weeks ago. Get on top of things, collect all medical records, see a dermatologist who can make the right diagnosis. Getting everything together so the boards can make a decision really helps.
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    more bad news My Dad had the base copy my medical records because DODMERB asked for any records that talked about ecxema. The base Derm already addressed it and his letter should have fixed the questions. We were looking at the record and the NP who I saw in Mar with an upper respiratory...
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    I recieved a letter from DODMERB saying I was DQ'd for Myopia - Refractive error greater than - 6.00 diopters (sphere component only). I am correctable to 20/20 with glasses. Can I get a waiver? Should I get more tests? I know it doesn't exceed -8.00 Diopters.
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    Case Closed

    My DODMETS site application status page shows current status: Closed. At the bottom it says Date submitted to DODMERB 7/14/2006. Does this mean DODMERB has completed my physical and I don't have any waivers?
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    I have completed my physical and am waiting to hear back from DODMERB. We anticipated question about my vision...correctable to 20/20 but finger something without glasses. I also have what the dermatologist has called seborreah above my eyelid. The Derm is an AF doctor and USAFA grad wrote a...