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    Extra ACU-OCP undershirts?

    "do not purchase the NFS model"~lol. Those are the ones I wore for my 12 mile ruck march...
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    Project Go Chinese

    Did anyone apply for the duke in china project go? they said they were going to schedule interviews between feb 1 and feb 9 and i got an email asking me for my timeslots but have not gotten anything since. it's closing feb 1 and im wondering if anyone else is in the same boat as me and haven't...
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    Government shutdown

    Hi, do any of you know how the government shutdown will impact scholarship/stipend payments? I just got an email this morning saying all Cadet Payment Requests have been suspended until further notice.
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    Advice needed on Minuteman Opportunity

    take my words with a grain of salt, but getting a 4 year or 3.5 year scholarship through the local battalion is almost impossible. in my battalion only one person out of 30 was awarded a 3.5 year scholarship last year and he did not have any scholarship to begin with. it is in my experience that...
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    USNA vs Ivy League School NROTC

    do naval academy. when you're trying to balance out schoolwork and waking up at 5am in the morning, naval academy makes much more sense. for one professors at regular university couldn't give a rat's ass about your rotc commitments. as a math and premed major, my next semester includes 2 4 hours...
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    NASS vs. West Point SLE?

    let me just say, thought i wanted to go Navy, went to SLE, Go Army.
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    Deadline is finally here

    i heard for college students however that they dont even get considered until february.
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    Myopia Waiver

    can i ask how high her myopia was? I'm also waiting for a waiver for high myopia from usna too.
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    Waiver Stress- Any Advice/Encouragement Appreciated

    u wanna check on that apush validation. last time i checked only ap world got full history core validation.
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    bump please
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    CFA questions

    if you didn't receive a letter stating you failed, you passed
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    oh and a A in my military science class (for rotc)
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    So i finished my first semester of college and I'm wondering how I'm standing. I had a 3.4559 cumulative with 2 A's in English/Philosophy/theology 6 credit class, 1 A- in calc II (3 credit), 1 B in bio (3 credit), 1 B in chem (3 credit), and a C+ in lab (1 credit course). I'm wondering how heavy...
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    Plebe at USMA

    I can answer that. Anything below a 15 minute pace carrying a 40-50 pound ruck (not including lbv and kevlar) is considered pretty good for the army.
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    Plebe at USMA

    how much hw do you guys get? I'm currently a college student and between the chem labs and hw as well as rotc and my own extracurriculars, i barely have enough time to study/get work done. how's the hw workload at usma? i just want to see how my school life is going to be if i get accepted into...
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    Gpa for college

    thank god i was floundering in bio.
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    Gpa for college

    Does anyone know what gpa one needs in college to secure a spot? I go to a pretty competitive college and I'm taking one of the hardest loads (Chem, bio, calc 2, philosophy+writing+theology 6credit course) and I'm wondering if my course load/school will reflect on admissions
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    Class of 2017 Service Selection Stats

    I've always been curious about how deployment works. is it like 7 months on, 3 months and (if it is) are those 3 months off still credited to your service? Also, what about different selections? Does the swo officer have the same deployment schedules as say the submarine officer? always been...
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    Doing a year of college and then applying to USNA

    i want to say yes but i can't be sure. but know this, last year i was denied for a waiver. this year with the exact same stats and without the college transcript sent out yet i was given a waiver request. i personally think its partly due to the college I'm going to but i can't be definitive.
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    Admission to West Point

    I've heard that loa's dont get reflected on a congressional slot. therefore loa's almost always get nominations since they don't really matter for the congressperson. but take it with a grain of salt since I've only heard and may be wrong.