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    Course validation

    My son validated both Chem 1 and 2 and had to take a course called Modern Chemistry, which he said was for those who validated both, like he did.
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    Virginia #4 appointments?

    I know of 4 students from one high school in 4th District who have all received appointments and 1 student from another high school with NAPS appointment.
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    LOA received!

    My son is Class of 2020. He received a presidential nomination, then an appointment, but was told to go to his MOC interview even though he already had an appointment.
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    2020 class profile?

    DS is a plebe. The Superintendent gave the following information at the parents' brief on I-Day: 17,043 applications with every state and territory represented (Also said it was the first time in any service academy history that a nomination was given for every single congressional district)...