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    Why are academically qualified candidates receiving Falcon Foundation Scholarships?

    Not following your line of reasoning when you were told the reason why: he wasn't competitive enough in his slate. What are you asking for? The USAFA said, "they wanted him." Your son is now being afforded an opportunity that can possibly open up other avenues of appointment. For instance, an...
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    Hopeful USMA Class of 2028 : a place to play the waiting game together.

    USMA has always said May 1st. However, if you research past Forums reporting, very few are made post 15 April Of course, not everyone is on the Forums and some who are do not report results. it has been very quiet though......
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    Hopeful USMA Class of 2028 : a place to play the waiting game together.

    That's what I am talking about! Thank you.
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    Hopeful USMA Class of 2028 : a place to play the waiting game together.

    That's what I am talking about! Thank you.
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    Hopeful USMA Class of 2028 : a place to play the waiting game together.

    Is it just me or has the USMA appointment activity/interest on the Forums almost vanished? Anyone still here waiting to hear? So few appointments reported here in the last 3 weeks.
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    Administering Commissioning Oath - Wear Judicial Robe or Not?

    Definitely wear your black robe. Your son's oath will require him to support and defend the Constitution. Your oath, in large part, requires you to faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent upon you under the Constitution. Your black robe is, in fact, the...
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    AROTC scholarship

    Thank you. The context of the question is whether an ROTC scholarship award adds value to a pending decision on a Service Academy application and should a scholarship winner advise Admissions in the interest of bolstering their application?
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    AROTC scholarship

    Thank you. It does help.
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    AROTC scholarship

    Interesting. May I ask what region you are in?
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    AROTC scholarship

    If you are awaiting word on a possible USMA appointment, is there any value in notifying Admissions that you were awarded an AROTC scholarship? I would think not, but I imagine there could be other types of scholarships that could be awarded that might be appropriate to update Admissions on.
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    College AROTC Winner Question

    DS is a second semester freshman at a two year Junior Military College. He was just awarded a 3 year AROTC scholarship. So if he used the scholarship fir Fall 2024, he will have already completed freshman year and would be seeking to transfer in as a sophomore. He has earned 17 credit hours and...
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    Find a nomination?

    I have seen comments about Service Academies being able to "find nominations" for those who were nominated in their particular congressional district, but were not the top candidates on their slate. In fact, I have seen appointments immediately go out to the top candidate on a particular MOC's...
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    Army ROTC 2023-2024 2nd Board

    Is the status "Boarded" the same as "Boarded N/A at this time" or does the latter mean you were considered during this January Board but denied?
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    2028 State Nominations Thread

    A USMA nomination appeared last week in the portal too.
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    2028 State Nominations Thread

    A USAFA nomination popped up in the portal Saturday morning. No notification yet from the Congressman's office and no other nominations appeared in the other SA portals yet. I suspect at least some were entered into the USAFA portal on Friday, Things will likely become clear this week.
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    How strong should I be going into west point (weight-lifting standards)

    I wouldn't give your bench press any more thought. You can probably bench press more than 80% of the Army. The Army likes to run. A lot. I would run, run, run, and then run some more. Nobody cares nor notices how much you bench press, but everyone notices if you drop out of runs or fall behind.
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    2028 State Nominations Thread

    It was undoubtedly a nomination from the candidate's congressman. Both New Jersey senators seem to wait until the end of January.
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    Vice President Nomination

    After applying online for a VP nomination, no onscreen acknowledgement nor email acknowledgment was received. There did not seem to be any problems upon completing, but wondering if this is normal?
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    Current Plebe - AMA

    Is there a complete medical exam performed or just shots? If so, what does that consist of?
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    Curious-Will there be another medical examination?

    I thought the Service Academies might do a cursory physical inspection upon arrival but I am not certain. Others can weigh in here if that is the case.