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    Why USCGA?

    Every first semester there are about ~10 exchangers from different academies. We had a USAFA cadet and he loved it here. He said it's more like family and with only 8 companies, everyone knows each other. My close friend is a midshipman at Navy and he hardly knows most of the people in his own...
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    Running shoe question.

    Hi there. Former swab, now rising 3/c. I don't particularly remember what my forms said (honestly this whole process will be a blur by this time next year to your cadet too) but honestly you can get away with any shoe. I don't recall there being a color specification, which is weird because the...
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    4/c Boards

    Here is what the boards process is like this year: The 4/c receive two chances per exam to pass. If they fail either test on their first chance, they receive a class 3 (a handful of demerits, not a big deal.) If they fail on their second chance on either test (their last chance), they receive a...