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    Class Size?

    Heard rumors that '18 will be smaller than previous classes. Anyone know by how much?
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    Congressional Nomination

    Why is this your last shot? Are you 22?
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    College Grad Applying to USNA

    Aleash, I never intended to come across as demeaning. If you want something, go for it. I've just never heard of a situation like yours happening. Your best bet? Call USNA today and ask! They are straight shooters and will tell you yes or no. Let us know what they say.
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    College Grad Applying to USNA

    If I read your post correctly, you are asking if you can attend the Naval Academy after already graduating from a civilian college. I am not on the admissions board but I have never once heard of anything like this. If your education at an Ivy League college is so important to you, why didn't...
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    Sprint Football

    Navy does not recruit for Sprint. I know this because I talked to Coach Lake. Army does recruit for sprint, which is probably why they won the championship the past 2 yrs
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    College and Past Performance/Grades

    post CFA scores?
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    Older cadet cadidates/cadets. What is it like for them at USMA?

    As far as student body, close to a third or more of my class are in their 20s, I'd say...
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    Older cadet cadidates/cadets. What is it like for them at USMA?

    One of my best friends here is 22 and was a special operations crew chief. Deployed twice and saw action. Another buddy is 25 y/o (got an age waiver because he was deployed) who was a Ranger in the 75th Ranger Regiment. These guys fit in just like anyone else. They've been through a lot more...
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    Math @ USMA

    I validated the beginning math course and I'm now in multivariable calc. If you do well in the placement testing you will probably be placed into multivar calc, unless you took THAT as well and take the placement test, then you could be placed into Advanced Calc II. You will still have to take...
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    DD wants to get a tattoo?

    We had a lot of people with tattoos who entered this year. As far as I know, all they did was fill something out and the tattoo was checked to make sure it was in accordance w/ standards and regs and wasnt offenseive or any of that stuff. I think your DD will be fine. But I may be wrong. My TAC...
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    Chances for USMA and a question about LOE.

    Your stats are very good!! Your CFA is probably about average. As far as LoE, that means you're a strong candidate and is a very good sign. How did you "mess up" a senator's interview?
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    College and Past Performance/Grades

    Looks good gradewise. Just keep trying your best.
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    Comparison of USNA and USMA

    I don't know which academy is more "military". My father is a USNA grad and he said that USMA is far more "military". However, they are mostly the same. "However, the Marines are much more elite" - you clearly have fallen for their cool commercials. The Marines can do some things that the...
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    Sent you a PM.

    Sent you a PM.
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    Simply having a 'Navy SEAL' write a letter for you will not have an impact on your application. You want someone who actually knows you and can attest to your own achievements, rather than try to use their own achievements as some sort of arguing point for you. If you personally know him and he...
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    Current Grades

    Your current grades are very good considering your GPA is a 4.0 unweighted. What is more important is what classes you took and how difficult they were. I was in the top fifth of my HS class. The academies prefer top 10%. My test scores were good though, I had a 2200 on my SAT. I never took...
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    Special Forces training

    You can try out @ West Point for one of the very few spots to go to Army Special Forces Assesment and Selection. Getting a spot from USMA to go to SFAS is hard enough, getting selected at SFAS... Another story. By selected, he may mean he was picked to go to SFAS, or he was actually selected to...
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    If you voluntarily leave west point can you join ROTC or enlist?

    if you go back through my posts, I never once said anything about that. As a matter of fact, I explicitly said that LTC Cross never said anything about some magical papework that was signed to prevent the kid from joining the military You all are grasping for straws now. I told you what the...
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    If you voluntarily leave west point can you join ROTC or enlist?

    ScoutPilot, I was there as well, and he did indeed say that. He never said anything about keeping them from joining the military again. He just said that he refused to recommend the former New Cadet for ROTC.