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  1. USMAapp25

    Waiver Time Issue

    I am applying to the USMA, and have completely finished my application over a month ago; however, I ran into problems with a DoDMERB disqualification for ADHD. I have been off of the medication for over a year and have improved my grades while off of medication, as well as scoring a 29 ACT (for...
  2. USMAapp25

    Dodmerb ADHD disqualification

    I was not extremely interested in ROTC because I really don't feel as if a college campus is the place for me. It's really West Point or bust. My plan was, worst case scenario, go to Community College next year, get my grades up, and try again. My status on DoDMERB says "Pending Waiver...
  3. USMAapp25

    Dodmerb ADHD disqualification

    I just messages an admin. My mistake on the username. I should have read more carefully.
  4. USMAapp25

    Dodmerb ADHD disqualification

    This morning I was medically disqualified from West Point for ADHD. I have been off of my medication for almost a year now, have never had any additional accommodations for ADHD, have taken my ACT off medication and scored a 30, improved my GPA by .5 points off of the medication first semester...