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    Classes during shutdown?

    Hi, This is probably a stupid question but does USMMA still have school during the government shutdown? I heard from someone that in the past they haven’t but that seems like a lot of time to be off.?
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    What areas are the most competitive for an appointment?

    Hi everyone! It sounds like a lot of decisions have been coming out so good luck to everyone! I'm just curious as to what regions/states are the most competitive. When I did my overnight at MMA there were a lot of people from the northeast. I am from a very rural area in the midwest and I...
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    Colleges on application

    This is really helpful. Thanks!
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    Colleges on application

    Hi I am a junior and I am applying for ROTC scholarships next year. This might be a dumb question but how many colleges do you request a scholarship for when you apply? Also is there a specific strategy when ranking them? I'm just trying to plan things out. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    What is the acceptance rate for reapplicants?

    What are the stats for reapplicants? Also do the academies like them? Do they have an advantage over first time applicants?
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    So if you are offered an appointment from USNA will you accept it or stick with ROTC? Why or why not?
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    Careers in Intelligence?

    Hello, This is going to be long and I wasn't entirely sure on where to put this thread but oh well. I'm a junior and my dream job would be to work in homeland security, intelligence, or at the UN. But... I also really want to go to a service academy and/or serve. The major I'm most...
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    Leadership Outside of School

    Having trouble finding opportunities for leadership at my school. Any ideas for outside of school?
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    USMMA Nominations

    any congressman in your state can give one to you. I didn't realize this. I assumed it was like DoD academies. So does this mean I should apply for a nomination from every congressman in my state?
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    USMMA Nominations

    Today I was looking around on my congressman's website and saw the 2016 SA nominees that he had announced in February. USNA, USAFA, and USMA all had 8-10 nominees but the Merchant Marine Academy had zero. Does this mean that it's likely that no one applied for a nomination there and/or is this...
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    USMMA Recruiting

    Does the USMMA recruit to the extent that the other academies do?
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    What times are needed to be recruited for swimming?

    I've seen their times on collegeswimming, but do recruiters typically swimmers that are faster than the others on the team, slower, or middle of the pack?
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    Summer STEM

    After I applied to the STEM program I received an email saying my application had been received. On May 2nd I got an email saying I was waitlisted, then on May 8th I got the exact same waitlist email again. Today I got an email saying they could not offer me a spot in the program. Why did I...
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    Private Pilot's License

    My parents were both flight instructors and so I have the opportunity to get my private pilot's license. Would this improve my chances of getting in? I know it means that once you get to the academy you can fly sooner but how does it look on an application?
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    What are the most competitive districts/regions in the US?

    How do I know how competitive my congressional district is?
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    Leadership & Extracurriculars

    I am a sophomore in high school and I need more leadership positions and extracurriculars. I currently teach swim lessons, am a part of two church clubs and a leader of one of them, I volunteer at an animal shelter, and every year I go on a mission trip and teach underprivileged kids. I am...
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    USNA Summer STEM?

    I got waitlisted for the STEM program. Does any actually get accepted off of the waitlist? Or does it just mean I didn't get in? Has anyone else been accpted/deferred or waitlisted yet?
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    What times are needed to be recruited for swimming?

    For every event, what times are needed to be recruited for women's swimming?
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    How Competitive Am I?

    I am in the top 40% of my class. So for example, if you were 1/197 you would be valedictorian and if you were 197/197 you would be last. I don't know if that's how most schools do it but that's what my report card says.
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    Recruiting Rules

    Can someone please explain to me the NCAA recruiting rules for service academies? I know that they are different from regular schools because the application process is longer.