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  1. Jwill35

    Double Language Minor

    @Hoodlum15 that’s what I meant if you want it you’ll put it as your first and then you’ll get it
  2. Jwill35

    Double Language Minor

    I don’t know where you heard that info, but to put it plainly that’s not entirely correct. Anyone can choose a language. You are 100% guaranteed if you choose one of the four “strategic” languages Chinese, Arabic.. etc. intercollegiate athletes are usually in Portuguese. All the others are...
  3. Jwill35

    Double Language Minor

    To officially minor in a language you need 5 semesters (ie 5 classes) in addition to the 100 level. The 100 level is the entry/basic language requirement that everyone goes through. So total your looking at 7 semesters worth of the foreign language if you choose to minor in it. As a 4 degree...
  4. Jwill35

    AFROTC out of USAFA?

    Is there anyone who can shed light on the possibility of getting an AFROTC scholarship coming out of the first year at the academy? Are there any negative aspects they take away from your application because you dropped out? Are interviews still conducted in a different way? Any input would be...
  5. Jwill35

    Update to MiCare registration (Appointee Kit)

    Thanks for your help!
  6. Jwill35

    Update to MiCare registration (Appointee Kit)

    @Insider Do you know when the flyer will hit the portals? I haven't received an update. Thanks for your help as always!
  7. Jwill35

    Foreign Language

    Bobcat great question! I am currently in my 3rd year of Arabic. Ultimately your immersion and proficiency in Mandarin will not be the ticket to give you a winning WPS. I can't say it will get you in, but the Air Force and pretty much every government agency highly values individuals with...
  8. Jwill35

    USCGA Acedemic Calendar

    Thank you! @TennisDad
  9. Jwill35

    USCGA Acedemic Calendar

    Does anyone know if there is a (more or less) recent copy of an Academic Calendar for the CGA? Just curious... Thanks in advance!!
  10. Jwill35

    What do you think?

    @RickD_USAF I applied EA
  11. Jwill35

    What do you think?

    @HardWorker actually my situation is so similar I thought it was one of my parents talking about me. I interviewed for AFROTC in December as well and was offered the Commanders Scholarship. Today I was notified that I received a type 1 scholarship. Naturally, USAFA is my first choice closely...
  12. Jwill35

    Appointment Package for those who received an offer of appointment: Class of 2021

    Have not received anything. 4 1/2 weeks since notice
  13. Jwill35

    Combat Rescue Officer out of AFROTC

    What are some things as an AFROTC cadet that can separate you to receive a CRO slot and how competitive are they?
  14. Jwill35

    AEP 2017

    Just received an invite for the AEP Overnight Program this spring. Does anyone know the schedule of events or what Thursday would be best to attend? From my understanding you are shadowing a cadet? Thanks!