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  1. Aglahad

    ROTC for aspiring physician?

    Guys, the only gamble is if he or she can get into med school. It's basically a 100% chance they will get an ed delay if they get into school. That's no big deal. Or they could always opt for the reserves. I know TONS of ROTC cadets who became MDs. Not everyone wants to do an anemic direct...
  2. Aglahad

    ROTC for aspiring physician?

    If medicine is your primary goal, I’d do ROTC with a potential reserve option and not USMA. It’s more than just physical training, and it will eat into your study time. However, I have known many docs who have gone this route. Yes you will get an education delay for med school and yes you will...
  3. Aglahad

    Burn out

    Not to be the bearer of bad news, but college and ROTC were the least of my life "burn out" worries. Enjoy college and the breaks that come with it. Life after isn't so kind. But it's normal to get stressed and burned out from time to time. Ease off the gas a bit and take some more "me" time.
  4. Aglahad

    ROTC with a sport

    My cadre were ALL about athletes and made a bunch of exceptions for training. They heavily encouraged it Program dependent obv.
  5. Aglahad

    Uniform questions for my MS-2 Cadet DS

    I agree. Good thinking but as a MS2 I was totally an adult who could figure things like this out.
  6. Aglahad

    U.S. Moving Navy Ships / Aircrafts Closer to Israel

    It's a mindset and rhetoric. Age has nothing to do with it.
  7. Aglahad

    U.S. Moving Navy Ships / Aircrafts Closer to Israel

    This goes both ways. I expect someone with this experience to show more reserve. At least that's been my experience with guys who know their stuff and have been there. The comment about "REMF" is especially egregious and belittling. I am in anesthesia and if a combat MOS/AOC thinks they can get...
  8. Aglahad

    U.S. Moving Navy Ships / Aircrafts Closer to Israel

    Edgy boomer vibes here.
  9. Aglahad

    U.S. Moving Navy Ships / Aircrafts Closer to Israel

    Or we just stay out of it. Obviously, Hamas's incursion was barbaric and needs to be dealt with. The region has a complex history and thousands of Israelis and well as those trapped in Gaza will die because of their actions. There has never really been a way out of that place even in times of...
  10. Aglahad

    Possible from Active to NG

    Given the recent fiasco with AD contracts and aviation, I would be surprised if they released you but its worth a shot... I had to have a GO sign-off on my transfer back in 2012. My branch was in demand but I made a good case and it was approved.
  11. Aglahad

    Question about active slots available for AROTC

    I have never heard of this. Only SMC.
  12. Aglahad

    Question about active slots available for AROTC

    Countrywide/needs of the Army. You are ranked against all cadets. Why is he worried?
  13. Aglahad

    New cadet -ROTC vs SMP

    Good info above. The biggest thing is whether he wants to go USAR/NG or not. Lots of cadets think they can slink into SMP as active duty scholarship cadets for some easy TIS (Time in service) years/drill pay and then go active duty. This isn't the case.
  14. Aglahad

    Can you branch active then change?

    Yes- I was ADO scholarship. After I received AD, I requested to go USAR. No issues.
  15. Aglahad

    Advantages of a SMC

    Like I said, everyone is different. Let's just say my "hooah" has cooled since I have been in for a decent while. I had similar thoughts when I was finishing HS. SMCs are totally viable for the right person though.
  16. Aglahad

    Advantages of a SMC

    It ebbs and flows but competition for AD slots in general is not difficult as of now. Even when I was commissioned and the Army was "downsizing", as long as you weren't bottom of the barrel you at LEAST got AD and one of your top 3-5 choices. As I said, just my opinion as a current officer who...
  17. Aglahad

    Advantages of a SMC

    I will be honest, I don't see a huge advantage of SMCs. If you want AD, you will likely get it. I didn't notice SMC cadets performing better at LDAC either. In fact, I observed that many had a chip on their shoulder for some reason as if they were USMA-lite (anecdotal obviously). After spending...
  18. Aglahad

    NROTC Medical School Request Process

    As an aside, with the Army you can go from AROTC directly to med school with an ED Delay. I have seen it done quite a few times. You serve your time after with residency and beyond. If your goal is to be a MD, there really isn't a huge difference between branches. I am an AMEDD officer by the way.
  19. Aglahad

    ROTC improvements

    Love those sports (I was a baseball player and golfer in HS). I agree with the other poster that a SA is a very low probability. I’d retake the SAT and or ACT. You can’t drastically change your class rank or GPA much at this point. Could consider doing a CC for a bit? I’m confident you’ll...
  20. Aglahad

    GRFD or Army Baylor DPT?

    Feel free to PM me. I am not really a fan of the MS branch overall. When you specialize past 70X, there seems to be some utility in the branch but for the most part, you are at the mercy of medical/nursing officers and their agenda outside of line units. You aren't really medical so it's hard to...