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  1. HowstheCow

    Responding to Remedial (Additional Medial Information)

    I would recommend both ways. Cannot hurt. When sending to the email address, it is recommended to put your DODMERB counselor's name in the subject line and ask for a confirmation of receipt. My DS counselor is good about acknowledging receipt and upload. For snailmail, send it registered.
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    Army ROTC 3rd Scholarship Board Results

    Thanks! Here's hoping there is lot's of good news for the forum folks.
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    Army ROTC 3rd Scholarship Board Results

    Mohawk....inquiring minds want to know if the ROOs are notified of winners to their programs prior to the portal update?
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    March AROTC Board

    The Last results came out the second Thursday after the board ended so my guess is 30 March.
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    Stress Fracture, denied appt. this year, should I report the Stress Fracture next year?

    Also, your DODMERB exam is good for 2 years so if you did it this year, next year they will not do an exam but work off the DQ from previous cycle or go straight to least that is what SA told my DS....
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    Waiver information

    As I understand the process, should the SA choose to process a waiver, the waiver authority at the specific SA (all do it differently) will review what DoDMERB has in your file. If they require additional information or test, they will communicate this with DoDMERB, who communicates the...
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    If USAF finance is like Army finance, they will wait until last minute to issue implementing guidance to the field in the form of some chain teaching that leaves more questions than answers :) I am fairly confident you are safe. You may get a notice to elect one or the other although I never...
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    Likelihood of branching into an engineering-related field after AROTC

    To add some matter what branch, you will use the analytical skills learned via STEM major to solve challenges and create solutions.
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    Likelihood of branching into an engineering-related field after AROTC

    I tailored my post to civil engineers but understand the questions. An EE could do either USACE, Signal, or MI. An ME can also do either USACE or Ordnance Corps. Enviro Eng would be best in USACE since that is where the Army's Enviro center is located. Regardless...for the first 4-6 years...
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    Likelihood of branching into an engineering-related field after AROTC

    AROTC branching is based on: 1) needs of the Army and 2) OML. Do well in ROTC, maintain good GPA, rock the APFT and there is a decent chance to branch Corps of Engineers. The Army commissions more officers from ROTC than USMA or OCS so there will be slots to fill. Probably half of my Engineer...
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    To early to give up ?

    USAFA will not care if you have paid a deposit or accepted admission elsewhere for Plan B.
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    AROTC branching Engineering Q's

    As a career engineer officer the answer is not much difference to the officer - the officer is there to lead troops. There are two main arms to the Corps of Engineers. The "green suit", tactical side is the Engineer Regiment. In the Regiment, there are combat engineers and construction...
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    What was your ACT?

    I don't disagree entirely. The point being that if someone was applying to an institution and trying to mask test lower/earlier scores from an SA, for example, and only report their best effort, the transcript with scores will potentially show a history without the student intending it to. Not...
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    Lease or Buy

    I would personally recommend a purchase. Leases can be tricky for military especially if sent on orders overseas, granted your DS will be in flight school for a year plus. Some leases will not allow you take the vehicle permanently to another least several years back when I looked...
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    What was your ACT?

    Very interesting and insightful discussion on tests and frequency of taking them thus far. I would like to add that it is not necessarily the student who controls the release of test scores. In my DS school district, and I would assume state wide in FL, ALL standardized test scores to include...
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    DODMERB Post Qualification Injury Doc Submittal Procedure

    I suppose it now depends on what the previous injury was. If surgical reconstruction of ligaments, then perhaps it should be reported. I am by no means an expert on DODMERB. Without getting into detail, you should consider how this injury relates to what was reported, what the severity of the...
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    DODMERB Post Qualification Injury Doc Submittal Procedure

    If it did not involve hospitalization, concussion, or treatment beyond tests/x-rays to rule out something more serious, I would move on.
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    Thanks for the clarification. I realized after I posted that ROTC may be a bit different. ah1998....follow the advice offered by the member whose screen name is 5 day
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    DS remedial posted about 10 days after we scanned/emailed it in. Snail mail will add a few days. Always ask DODMERB to confirm receipt for emails or send registered via USPS...too important for something trivial to be lost.
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    Community College Student applying to USMA?

    I would venture that a strong course load at community college with courses similar to a Plebe would lend to a favorable view. As always, test scores, extra-curricular activities, community service, sports, CFA scores, etc. all play into the equation.