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    Parking for non first class mids?

    Do not park on the street Do not park on the street. Te Village of Kings Point and other villages in Great Neck have a Law on the books that states "NO Street parking after 1 AM". The cops have nothing better to do than go around at night and issue tickets so you will get ticketed.
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    Gangnam Style

    Kings Points Gangnam style is finally here.
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    Beat coast guard!
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    Need help on Long Island!!

    the bst bagel place is great neck is called best bagels. it is on middle neck road acrosss the street and half a block down from the train station.
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    Electric Circuits

    Sherer I had sherer for basic electrical last year. he is a horrible teacer. he writes notes out on the board before class and has you copy them as he reads them. last year the whole class did terrible on the first test and after that he started giving us the questions without the numbers a...
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    Promoted Plebe

    plebe pc is not a big deal. this happenes depending on who the cto is or who the pc is. it is a wa to give the plebes some form of leadership training. it also allows the plebes to see how hard it is to do a job such as PC, CX, or CC. This is not only a leadership tol, but one used to turn...
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    Kings Point Rock Band

    if you are a naturally good student then the course load is not hard. EL Bombero Jr. DO NOT and i say DO NOT get ahead of your self. you have not even been throug indock. while it is great to think of ideas of what you will want to do you never actually know what it will be like, your...
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    Kingsptmom2014, this is the type of thing your child should have to figure out on his own. from your name i gether that he is also a plebe, and therefor not be watching ESPN to begin with untill he is recognized.
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    Christmas leave accomodations

    That information will not come out until second trimeseter. Last years if you were coming back early all that was needed to be done was talk to the CC to make arrangments regarding berthing.
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    Uniforms and Parents Weekend

    They need to be in uniform at all times out in public. The only time they are allowed in civies is when the arrive at thier own home. If you are in Great Neck or NYc A plebe must be in uniform.
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    Plebe's e-mail address

    no computers yet the plebes have not recieved thier computers yet it might be a while untill they recieve thier computers and are able to set up thier emails. and before every asks no one except the IT depatment knows for sure when the computers will come in.
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    Plebe Honor Board

    are you sure your child did not say "Plebe Rep" i know last year there was no "plebe honor board rep". With the way the honor board system works it does not make sense to have a "plebe honor board rep". A "PLEBE REP" is a plebe who is the leads the plebe class in recoginition steps...
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    Original Documents

    bring them all. what i did is bring a pencil case to keep the all of the documents in.
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    usmma website

    Has any one been able to access the usmma website? I have not been able to access my email since the storm hit great neck on thursday.
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    Original documents for indo

    The documents are returned before parents weekend. i do not remember exactly when i got them back last year. they documents stayed with me all yearand will do so again.
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    Wiley hall facelift

    the flag pole arrived today. They have started welding it together though it is not up yet.
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    Preparing for INDOC

    they love flutter kicks practice those daily
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    Hope this helps This thread might be better served on the dodmerb Board where people from Dodmerb activaly look for questions such as these. If you cannot get in to KP but really want to go into the maritime business i recomend checking out the other Maritime schools. I am sure if it is...
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    Airsoft-Military Simulation The airsoft team as been converted into a military simulation team. This team is a majority of people also in army ops. there is an initiative to restart the usmma paintball team.
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    Reporting Instructions

    Better to get it done I reccommend getting them out as soon as possible. You do not want to have a shorter summer break because your getting surgery.