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  1. shiner

    Switching Nominations

    @foamspoon - There are some finer details here that more experienced contributors are trying to help you solidify before being able to recommend. Here are a few quick nomination facts: 1) A student needs a nomination as part of the entrance requirement for 4 out of 5 US Service Academies 2)...
  2. shiner

    Standards in Free Fall

    Is this publicly available for us to see?
  3. shiner

    Marriage waiver?

    court case on the topic (odd source for USMMA legal briefs.... but ok):
  4. shiner

    Has anyone received a letter like this?

    Is that "athletics" hand written in the lower left? Is the student being recruited for sports? TWE doesn't come until the May time frame, but a BFE can come this early.
  5. shiner

    Academic Support At USMMA?

    @Iblameej, you have stumbled into one of the best questions I have seen for USMMA. My DS departed USMMA for these reasons - TWICE... I may be only 1 voice, but I can say the situation was very surprising to me. When you hear that 1/3 of the class rolls back to the next year - this is actually...
  6. shiner

    Standards in Free Fall

    Cadets will rise to the level of expectations they are held to. Admittedly, I have high hopes that the current Comm will reign it in and the pendulum will swing in the appropriate direction. By nature, cadets will push back against the establishment. This has happened since the school opened...
  7. shiner

    Dry cleaning and Laundry

    Yes - this is all built in. Quite a time saver, but understand it is institutional laundry. Dry Cleaning is great. Laundry means put your mesh bag into boiling water. It does not return to you smelling like mom did it with soap, but you didn't have to spend time working on it. It is common...
  8. shiner

    Multiple selections from same HS?

    Different SA with more slots to offer, but I have had 5 from 1 HS enter the same USAFA class.
  9. shiner

    USAFA Class of 2027 Waitlist: Keeping the Hope

    This is a loaded question, but for serious applicants who would meet true minimum criteria for the schools, it is almost 50%. I think it all depends on how you classify yourself. Male, female, white, minority, reapplicant.... You can carve the numbers up in SO MANY WAYS to get to the real...
  10. shiner

    Relationships through BCT

    I'm still married to the girl who dropped me off for BCT - it can work IF he/she understands the mission of graduate first to enjoy a better life later. He/She 100% must be on board because you will control very little of your time. The significant other needs to understand you are choosing...
  11. shiner

    Hold Status

    Understand that state slot allocations only apply to offers made prior to 1 April each admissions cycle. After that date, they do not have to follow that guidance in an attempt to meet the target yield for the cycle and can pull from anywhere to get bodies in slots. My post on the topic has...
  12. shiner

    USAFA Class of 2027 Waitlist: Keeping the Hope

    I'll make my annual post to this group of hopefuls. 1) Keep the faith - you have worked hard to get this far and it will pay off at a Service Academy or some other institution of higher learning 2) Entry may not be a direct path - self prep and reapplication may be in your future. 3) You get...
  13. shiner

    Fun at USAFA

    Although USAFA is a small school by typical college definitions, there are so many things to get involved in. Clubs, flying, skydiving, athletics, fitness, music, outdoors, golf, religious groups - the list gets big when you break it down. "Fun" can be defined in many ways - typical college...
  14. shiner

    Gesture of appreciation

    A thank you note is always good, but if you are seeking a trinket of some kind, there are some options. 1) Give them the BIRD! really - it's the most common gift presented to guests at USAFA - here is a very tiny example...
  15. shiner

    Extracurricular Activity at USAFA

    This is a challenging one to answer. The easy answer is "you can do as much or as little as you want in terms of extracurricular." The difficult part is your time availability and the activity. Some clubs are very active - like Drum and Bugle. In the case of high ops tempo clubs, some (like...
  16. shiner

    USAFA, my chance at excellence

    Best of luck as you enter the next chapter in your story. I think your experiences up to this point have given you the precious gift of perspective. Struggle along the way has hardened your desire for success and it will fuel you. Congrats!
  17. shiner

    Effect of Sea Cadets in application?

    The counter point would be that there are identified checkboxes within the application related to ECA selection or achievements that equate to specific points within the application process. Varsity sport, Boy/Girl State, Eagle Scout/Gold Award, CAP Mitchell/Earhart/Spaatz, and so forth. IMO...
  18. shiner

    A Toast....

    Here's a toast....
  19. shiner

    Amnesty Period on I-day

    I remember sitting in the Arnold Hall theater on or around I-day before the earth had cooled. The question came up and people who wanted to report prior usage were instructed to move to the back of the room to talk with cadre. I was literally shocked that 1 let alone 10 or more got up, walked...