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  1. ThePilot18

    AFROTC Major Choice

    Heard this from my interviewing officer as well. The "highly desired majors" are highly desired for a reason- they're needed in the Air Force, so you could end up getting pulled into that.
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    AFROTC Scholarship PFA

    That's a great score. I had a 90 on the PT test and still got a scholarship. It's more about the interview and experience
  3. ThePilot18

    AFROTC 1st board stats

    ACT 31, 3.9 GPA, 90 PT, Non Tech Interview went great. Had numerous extracurriculars and leadership examples to show. Type 7
  4. ThePilot18

    AFROTC 1st board stats

    My man, you are busting this out. Dang, good job.
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    AFROTC Major Preference

    Best source of information are primary sources. Check out the OSI's site here and click on the ROTC cadet link to download a PDF. It shows the stats of all the AFROTC cadets that made it to OSI. It looks like STEM majors are prevalent, as well as knowing a foreign language.
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    Red flag after calling AFROTC...

    This was a Recruiting Flight Officer at the school in the ROTC det. He is an active duty Air Force officer.
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    Red flag after calling AFROTC...

    That's good advice, and I'll follow through with it. But I should clarify, it was not his helplessness or incompetence that set off the red flag in my mind at the time. It was the general rudeness and attitude, which you mentioned. I'll be sure to keep looking. Thank you.
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    Red flag after calling AFROTC...

    Hey all, I just called the AFROTC detachment that I'm looking at going to. Since I received a Type 7 scholarship, I called the Recruiting Flight Officer to ask a few questions about what is covered and what isn't in terms of tuition. Well, right away, he said he was not familiar with the...
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    DoDMETS Profile Help

    There should be a Service Academy/ROTC option underneath. If you select USAF along with Service Academy, I'm sure they'll know what it's for
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    AFROTC Type 7 Question

    That's correct.
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    AFROTC Type 7

    I was just notified that I was extended a scholarship offer, non-technical major, Type 7. I can hardly contain myself. :) The hard work paid off. I'm excited to serve in the world's greatest Air Force. Thank you to all those at Service Academy Forums who helped me to get where I am today.
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    AFROTC - Reboarded?

    Makes sense, thanks. Do you know if they notify you via email or by physical mail?
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    AFROTC Type 7 Question

    Hey all, I have a question regarding AFROTC's scholarship types, specifically, the Type 7 one. I know that it covers the in-state tuition for four years, or can be converted to a three year Type 2. So then, what if a cadet's college does not have a difference in price between in state and out...
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    AFROTC - Reboarded?

    Mine says "Your application will meet the next available selection board, scheduled October 19. Results will be released on or about October 30." I'm not exactly sure what that means, to be honest. Does anyone know that this could mean? Thanks
  15. ThePilot18

    ROTC Board - Who are they and what actually happens?

    I can't say as to who is on the board (I assume it's active duty Air Force personnel at AFROTC HQ), but I do know how they pick scholarship winners. Everybody is competing on a 1000 point scale. How many points a candidate gets is dependent on the PFA scores, GPA, ACT/SAT, interview score...
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    AFROTC Interview Reflection

    Haha yeah, I clicked on the Zoom link again and then about 10 minutes later he started the meeting again. Oh, the joy of Zoom meetings
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    AFROTC Interview Reflection

    Lucky. Half way through mine, my officer's internet cut out. It was interesting :)
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    Send ACT score and still make next AFROTC board?

    My guess is that it would be pretty close, assuming you've done everything else in the application (since after you submit it could take up to 40 days for them to schedule an interview). Contact your scholarship technican, that's your best bet.
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    AFROTC - Question about "application will meet the next available selection board"

    Yes, she needs to do the fitness test first. She must complete every part of the application before it is submitted, after which a local AFROTC detachment will contact her about scheduling an interview. If she hasn't done the fitness test by now, I'm not sure how high the chances are of her...
  20. ThePilot18

    Race / Gender?

    It's thought that in recent years, minorities are given priority, similar to Affirmative Action. But I do know for sure that there are certain ROTC scholarships for minorities that are occasionally given out, depending on the detachment. That's all I know.