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  1. BlackIce

    USNA and NROTC medical standards

    I am wondering, are they the same for both NROTC and USNA? Meaning if I am qualified for USNA am I qualified for NROTC?
  2. BlackIce

    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    1. Ex.BT.USN / DD / Feb 22 / Holy Cross / Tier 3 2. Amazed/DD/Feb 22/ MIT-Undecided/Tier 1 3. parentofhopeful/DS/Dec 17/VMI/Tier 1 4. teachersara/DS/March 14/Yale/Tier 1 5. NAVYCAPT93/DS/Feb22/Stanford/Tier 1/ 6. CrewDad/DS/Dec/YaleUndecided/T3 7. Kris10/DD/Mar14/Villanova/Tier1 8...
  3. BlackIce

    Previously qualified, now DQ

    Ha, neat cooincidence. I am going on Friday to eye doctor for AMI regarding vision for USCGA. Good luck! I hope DoDMERB / USCGA is fast enough to get me either approved or declined for a waiver by May 1 so I can l finalize my college.
  4. BlackIce

    Awarded ISR, but portal still says I'm missing several items - what to do...?

    Ah, that is particularly worrisome. The only emails I get are the monthly "account inactivity" ones. My application is finished pending final review by the board, I don't know the exact wording but it says something like that.
  5. BlackIce

    Awarded ISR, but portal still says I'm missing several items - what to do...?

    I recieved the ISR in late december and my portal didn't update until a month later, and I haven't been placed either. I made a concerned post as well but I think we all just need to wait.
  6. BlackIce

    ISR Scholarship

    I recieved an ISR back in December and haven't heard anything yet. From what I can tell it still needs to be reviewed by the board and apparently December / January boards were cancelled. Check your NetFocus account as well, if items are still missing those may need to be submitted by your...
  7. BlackIce

    CFA and CPR?

    I completed my best CFA on 1/31 and it was marked received on 2/1. My application now says complete pending review. Does this mean I passed my CFA? I scored a bit under average and am hoping I passed. Does CPR mean I am being considered for appointment or is there more to happen before my...
  8. BlackIce

    NROTC ISR long delay

    I wasn't actually awarded a scholarship yet, not officially. It's not word of mouth as I did all the paperwork for ISR, but not exactly official either. I should probably just relax but I'm concerned about not getting a place at TAMU. I have backup schools of course, but I would be just as happy...
  9. BlackIce

    NROTC ISR long delay

    Hello, back in December I received notification from my NROTC coordinator about being selected for the ISR program. I finished my application, and went to interview with the CO of my recruiting district-- and it went excellently. I signed the ISR form and was very happy. He said the final thing...
  10. BlackIce

    Scoliosis Remedial

    Hello, I recently received results back from my physical and I have a remedial request for additional scoliosis testing. From reading it seems I just wait for more information from them? Do I need to schedule it from the same place as the original physical? I'm just confused on what I need to...
  11. BlackIce

    No DOD applications working for me?

    So I've been having issues with the NROTC application recently, but now after trying to check my USNA application, I'm getting the same error: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. Additionally, my dad was able to access the site using his phone. I'm not sure what is going on or who to contact to try to get help...
  12. BlackIce

    Is ANYONE else having problems with the NROTC website?

    Bumping this thread because I'm having issues too. Not sure if this is typical of the NROTC application, but it seems to be down about every other time I try to log on to work on anything. It really is quite unprofessional, DoD really needs to get quality IT staff and modernize all their servers...
  13. BlackIce


    I'm not exactly sure what I should be asking, but I am applying for a NROTC scholarship this year and am wondering if you have any specific advice or hindsight to give me. Well, maybe one question, what was your first choice school and which choice did you end up at?
  14. BlackIce

    Questions about NROTC Scholarship Process

    Thanks for the replies, I've shuffled some ERAU and Yale out of my list and filled 3-5 with military colleges. If I get accepted to Rice I can always make that my number 1, so good to know I can change it later.
  15. BlackIce

    Questions about NROTC Scholarship Process

    Hi all, been lurking for a few months here looking through threads whenever I have a few questions about the process of becoming an officer in the armed forces, thought I would drop some questions about of my own about NROTC since I've been seeing a lot of terms that make me somewhat nervous and...